Dearest Dr. Laura,

I called you several weeks ago with a question about how to be more calm with my children and less like the Hulk. Your response to me was to have more fun in my day. After the phone call, I was perplexed for a few days about what that had to do with my problem and also to how your solution was to make Jello with my husband and pour it over each others heads (in which I would have to inevitably have to clean up the mess) would solve my problem, however…

After speaking about it with one of my sisters she agreed with you and suggested a “fun box” to help me do something fun with my children and husband on a daily basis! After incorporating this idea, I then understood how brilliant and profound your simple piece of advice was to me. I found myself being more aware and present in my family’s lives and not just finding the chore out of situations…I started finding simple joys and happiness. With my husband, I came up with silly and quick things we could do to have a little giggle and these simple couple of minutes make a huge difference in our day together – something as simple as a push-up or water drinking contest! He pretends to roll his eyes, but after our “fun” activity I notice how his mood has changed.

So Dr. L, thanks for being able to see the big picture and being a strong voice of virtue when in our day and age, that voice is often ridiculed and considered unimportant! To me it is so important so thank you for that Dr. Laura voice in my head! I just signed up for your podcast and cannot get enough!



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