The Cancer woman is born under the crab sign between June 21 and July 21. She is a woman full of contradiction. She can be vulnerable and guarded at the same time. She can appear moody one moment and yet steady and dependable the next. She can even express her fear of change but then adapt to any situation with apparent ease. Cancer is like an onion; she has multiple layers.


Never let it be said that a Cancer woman is boring or uninteresting, though. She may be confusing at times and hard to read, but she’s an honest, devoted friend and lover. She will stand by you through it all, crying on your shoulder as you cry on hers.

Cancer Women Have Difficulty Opening Up

One of the most prominent characteristics of a Cancer woman is her desire to guard her heart. If she’s been hurt before, her ability to clam up and refuse to let you in will be even more pronounced. She dislikes criticism and rejection and will do everything she can to avoid both. If that means ignoring the obvious to protect herself, she’ll block it out as if it were never even there (even though she knows it is).


Any pain you cause her will become a giant elephant in the room of your relationship. You’ll need to take care to communicate your thoughts clearly to avoid pushing her farther away or allowing her to close you out entirely. Remember, Cancers are sensitive and deeply passionate creatures beneath their hard shells. What some people would dismiss as a flippant comment might cause her intense, emotional pain.

Cancer Desires Stability

Given her desire to protect her heart, it makes sense that a Cancer woman would desire stability in a relationship. Once she’s finally opened up to you, she will want assurances that your love is real. Provide her with those assurances in the form of comfort, security, and stability, and she’ll be devoted to you for as long as she lives.


Cancer’s tendency to prefer “the norm” in her life leads her to avoid making impulsive decisions. Usually, she considers all her options carefully, weighing them against each other and analyzing the effects each decision may have on her otherwise stable lifestyle. If a decision negatively affects her life, she will reject it outright. If she’s not sure what the effects may be, she’ll err on the side of caution.

The Cancer Woman Values Home and Family Above All

The Cancer woman wants nothing more than to get married and have children. To her, this is what’s considered “normal,” and it is all she truly desires for herself. She craves setting down roots and building a home from the ground up (metaphorically speaking).


Cancers need to belong, not only to a place but to a family as well. They have been called “homebodies,” and that term doesn’t offend them in the least. To the Cancer woman, an evening home with her family is the best kind of evening there is. She would just as soon pop some popcorn, cuddle under a soft blanket with her children and husband, and watch the latest kids movie than go out on the town for a night of loud music, obnoxious bar-goers, and overly-priced drinks.


Because a Cancer woman is so in tune with her home life, she is usually an excellent cook and may even show talent as a seamstress, crafter, party planner, or gardener. However, you shouldn’t think of her as “just a homemaker.” She loves her family deeply and will defend them fiercely. This determined mom won’t let anything, or anyone harm her children. She will always be there to care for them, whether it’s to feed and clothe them, let them sob in her arms, or bandage their skinned knees.

Cancer Avoids Confrontation Whenever Possible

This isn’t to say that Cancer women are natural born fighters. Quite the opposite, in fact; they despise conflict and will avoid confrontation whenever they can. Cancer women are sensitive to their very cores, leaving them vulnerable to hurtful words or actions. Words often cut deeper than expected with Cancers.


Confrontation is avoided whenever possible, but if it becomes inevitable, it often results in a complete shutdown. The crab retreats into her shell and hopes the problem doesn’t result in a destabilized relationship. Losing friends or lovers over an unresolved conflict is the Cancer woman’s worst nightmare.


Despite this fear of confrontation, many Cancer women learn how to manipulate situations to avoid outright conflict entirely. They are peace-loving individuals who will bend over backward to make things right, even if that means twisting their own beliefs a bit more than they would like.


If practiced enough, these ladies become excellent manipulators and adapt to the situation at hand, ultimately achieving their goals through peaceful resolution.

A Cancer Woman’s Career is Important to Her

Cancer women tend to hide in the shadows more in the workplace than other signs do. That doesn’t mean they’re not interested in advancement or success in their careers. Their excellent judge of character and sharp intuition lead them to success. They are quiet but always observing, which gives them the chance to pick up on things others may miss.


Don’t underestimate a Cancer in the workplace. She’s competent and dependable, and employers will trust her. Her natural nurturing personality means she’s also compassionate and a good listener. She is good with both money and people, and as a result, has no problem excelling in careers in:


  • Teaching,
  • Nursing,
  • Counseling,
  • Journalism,
  • Business (including starting her own),
  • Veterinary medicine,
  • Culinary arts,
  • Fine arts, or

Cancer Women Love Deeply

Cancer women make great listeners in a romantic relationship because they have a knack for being able to put themselves in somebody else’s shoes. This strengthens the bond between partners and is something not every sign can do. However, to get to that point in the relationship, a Cancer’s partner must be patient…infinitely patient.


Cancer women do not open up quickly because they fear rejection (or worse). If you find yourself madly in love with a Cancer, but she doesn’t seem to be as into it as you are, have patience. Her lack of openness does not necessarily mean she isn’t into you; in fact, it typically means the exact opposite. She just needs time to adjust to the new relationship and develop a solid foundation of trust with you.


If you’re wondering how to woo a Cancer properly, go the traditional route. Cancer women love romance, complete with meaningful gifts (they don’t have to be expensive), flowers, and love notes. Suggest staying in every once in a while. She’s perfectly happy to cuddle on the couch with you and sip wine together while watching a romantic movie.


Relationships with Cancer women are usually steady and secure, but that’s not to say she won’t become moody periodically. When this happens (and it will), be accommodating and understanding. Most importantly, be there for her if she calls on you for support. We all have things we struggle with, but Cancers tend to be overly sensitive at times.


The demons they battle can get them down. Your unflappable love will help her through trying times and endear her to you even more.


Your Cancer lady has a high capacity to love, making her an excellent long-term partner. With the right person, she’ll eventually open up and show you her more adventurous side. It doesn’t hold a candle to other signs, such as Gemini, but you might be surprised at the things she likes to do or is willing to try. Just keep in mind, that will only happen once you have her complete trust.

A Cancer Woman Isn’t for Everyone

Cancer women can be a handful for some signs to deal with, and as a result, not every sign is a good match for their sensitive natures. Fellow water signs, however, tend to make good matches. When two Cancers get together, for example, there is an immediate understanding between them. In most cases, they know what the other person feels and wants without having to ask. It’s almost as if they can read each other’s minds.


Scorpio is potentially one of the best matches for a Cancer woman. As long as Scorpio recognizes Cancer’s emotional nature and is willing and capable of dealing with the potential for jealousy, fear of loss, and neediness, this match will be perfect for both partners.


Scorpio’s strength will provide a secure and loving cocoon for Cancer to find the comfort and stability she seeks. If Scorpio can hold back that stinging tongue, the relationship will flourish.


Cancer and Pisces are both emotional creatures. As water signs, they are known for simply “floating through life.” Reality can be harsh, and they may prefer to escape into their heads to avoid it. While this behavior isn’t necessarily unhealthy, it can become a problem if neither partner is willing to come back to the real world occasionally to deal with everyday life.


Bills have to be paid, the house has to be cleaned, and groceries have to be bought. As long as one partner is more grounded in reality, the relationship has the potential to last a lifetime.


Cancer and earth signs are sometimes compatible, as long as the earth partner is patient and understanding of Cancer’s tumultuous ways. Examples of earth sign partners include Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo.


Cancer is typically not compatible with air or fire signs, as her emotional nature can scare them off. She also doesn’t appreciate the potential for conflict that arises with some water/fire pairings, so she’ll tend to withdraw to her protective shell when propositioned by a fire sign.

This Lady Will Have Your Back

Cancer women exhibit many positive qualities that make them well worth any perceived negative ones. Cancer women are:


  • Trustworthy,
  • Loving,
  • Compassionate,
  • Great listeners,
  • Nurturing, and


However, they can also be overly emotional, shy, and worrisome creatures, especially if you scar them in any way. Words can sting, and with this water sign, that sting may be deadly. Once a Cancer woman learns to trust you, it’s best to remember to:


  • Treat her with love and affection,
  • Provide her with emotional security,
  • Compliment her,
  • Recognize the efforts she makes to support you,
  • Be loyal to her,
  • Trust her completely, and most importantly,


Cancer ladies have a deep understanding that all things in nature are balanced over time. She believes that everything we do and say will come back to us in some way. Treating her fairly and with love will ensure that the same comes back your way. She may take longer to show you her commitment, but it will be there in time. Love and support her, and she’ll be yours forever.

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