If you were born between December 22 and January 20, you’re a Capricorn. The Capricorn woman is powerful. In fact, she exudes so much strength that some people misunderstand her and think that she’s not sensitive.

Her power doesn’t come from her toughness; it is derived from her ability to embody her deep emotions fully. She just might not show you her vulnerable side right away.

The Capricorn woman’s ability to tap into her feelings is a gift as well as a weakness. She can let irritation bother her for ages before she communicates what’s wrong. This tendency can suck her into a whirlpool of brooding if she doesn’t express her emotions.

She has her life mapped out, though. She might hold everything inside because she can’t predict what will happen if she releases it all. Learning how to balance routine and spontaneity can benefit this practical, formidable female.

You’re A Careful Planner

The Capricorn woman loves to know what’s coming next. She carefully crafts her schedule so that she can flow through every day without surprises or drama. This makes her especially productive and efficient.

If you need someone to help you plan a trip or put together a grand event, the Capricorn woman is your go-to person. She will make sure that you attend to every detail, and everything will go as planned.

The problems come in when life gets in the way. She can’t plan for everything, and a small hiccup can derail her intentions if she hasn’t made provisions for a plan B.

The Capricorn woman is grounded until it’s time to roll with the punches. When faced with unpredictability, she becomes anxious. She doesn’t mind feeling a little stressed. She uses that to motivate her toward success.

But if she feels like she’s failing, she might freak out. She has specific goals, and when she doesn’t meet them, she gets worried.

Instead of helping herself, though, she might project her concerns on other people. She’s the first to reach out and invest in someone else’s problems. She’s the kind of person who will meddle in your business even if you haven’t asked for her advice. That’s just because she is concerned about her own success but doesn’t want to face herself at the moment.

You’re Ambitious

Like the goat that symbolizes your zodiac sign, you are equipped to climb mountains when necessary. You don’t wait for other people to support you. When you know what you want, you make a beeline for it. You’ll climb over any obstacle or simply go around it. The point is that you don’t let anything stop you.

Some of your success comes from sheer hard work. Your competitive nature also helps you rise above the crowds. You’re very resourceful, though. You see unexpected reserves that can propel you forward in places that other people overlook.

At the same time, you’re incredibly humble. Your achievements speak for themselves, and you don’t brag about them. You could become very famous, but you don’t seek out notoriety. You don’t need someone else to tell you that you’re amazing, but you don’t flaunt your marvelousness. You’re happy to know that you’ve accomplished what you set out to do.

You’re Secretly Hilarious

Most people don’t think of Capricorn women as being comedians. Your humor runs far deeper than ostentatious jokes and obvious pranks. You see the irony in everything, and you’re not afraid to point it out. This gives you deadpan humor that the more intellectual people in your life appreciate.

Betty White and Zooey Deschanel are both Capricorns. So are Kate McKinnon and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. They all exemplify the clever sarcasm that can come out of the Capricorn woman’s mouth.

The Capricorn Woman Is Cautious In Love

Because you’re so careful about everything that you do, love can be tricky for you. You tend to go straight to the fantasy of the traditional home with the picket fence as soon as you meet someone. That’s because you don’t have time for games and frivolity. You value monogamy, and if you’re going to bother dating someone, it doesn’t seem worth it if it’s not going to last.

Therefore, you don’t tend to jump into romances easily. If you agree to a date, it’s because you have a solid feeling that it can go somewhere. You’re likely to arrange group get-togethers with a romantic prospect until you’re sure that you want to date them. Keeping love at arm’s reach until you’re sure that you want it protects you from getting too involved in a fling that may not work out.

You also have a habit of falling in love with your friends. It makes sense that the people who know you the best will ultimately be hot contenders for your affection. You’ve had time to get to know them, and you’re aware that you’ll be compatible. Now you just have to put caution aside and reveal your true feelings.

Just as you’re not likely to give out subtle hints that you like someone before you have decided to make a specific move, you don’t respond well to flirtation. You usually have no idea that someone is interested in you unless they come right out and say it.

You enjoy being chased. You spend so much time pursuing your ambitions that you don’t want to have to do the work when it comes to finding a mate. That’s why you may end up with a good friend as a lover.

You’ll also swoon when someone gives you obvious signs that they like you. You might not jump into a relationship with them right away, but you will appreciate their forwardness.

When you do decide to commit, you give it your all. The Capricorn woman is dedicated, loyal and trustworthy.

Your Disposition Changes In The Bedroom

Although you play it safe in public, you’re an animal in bed. You have a healthy sexual appetite, and you enjoy getting the chance to throw your dominance aside and relinquish some control. You can be demanding, but you want to receive and be fulfilled

A partner that is too sensitive won’t cut it. You need a strong match when it comes to sex. Your partner doesn’t need to initiate, but they have to be able to follow instructions.

Of course, you might not dive into bed with someone until you’ve had several dates. If your romantic prospects are patient, they’ll reap the rewards eventually.

Your most compatible sexual partners are the Taurus, Cancer and Capricorn. Another Capricorn simply understands you. The Taurus provides steady love with sensual stimulation. The Cancer has a need to please you, which makes you feel special.

You’re The Hostess With The Mostess

Your home is your castle. You love spending time there, and you prefer inviting people over to going out on the town.

Even if you’re just hosting a casual dinner, you’ll arrange everything so that it’s perfect before your guests arrive. You might even make place cards so that no one sits in your usual seat.

You’re a bit territorial. If you have a roommate, you will need to set clear boundaries. You prefer to live alone unless you’re making a life with the man of your dreams.

Your Work Can Define You

The Capricorn woman is one of the hardest workers in the zodiac. Her goals in life are usually the same as her career ambitions. It’s hard to get her to stop working long enough to have fun.

She strives for a career that presents her well, because what she does for a living is what she does to fulfill her soul. Therefore, she will have trouble if she has to devote herself to a menial job. The female Capricorn is likely to further her education so that she can make the connections and gain the skills that she needs to bypass entry-level positions and get straight to the meaningful work.

She probably has a lot of work experience, because the Capricorn woman starts early. She was probably babysitting or pet-sitting when she was a tween.

One piece of advice for the female Capricorn is to seek out a career that is equally as creative as it is practical. When you put all of yourself into your career, you may feel unfulfilled later in life if you don’t also love what you do.

Starting your own business is an ideal way to solve this dilemma. You’ll be passionate about what you do, and you’ll probably find success. Plus, you’ll get to be in control, which is what your inner boss lady really wants.

Are You Really As Conventional As Everyone Says You Are?

Because you’re so hard-working, people view you as serious and industrious. You get things done, and you don’t leave a lot of room for alternate endings. You are a rule follower, and you prefer life to be a certain way.

On the surface, people might think that you’re boring. You’re far from it, though.

The Capricorn is the zodiac sign that’s most likely to have secret fetishes and strange desires. You’ve just been trained to ignore them and follow convention.

If someone tells a Capricorn woman that she’s a freak, she may bristle at the idea. Pisces, Scorpios and Aquarians are the weirdos. Everybody knows that. The Capricorn believes that she is far from eccentric.

That’s what makes her even more extraordinary. She thinks of herself as a regular Jane, but she is incredibly creative and mysterious. She’ll just use her power of reason to convince you that the strange things she does are perfectly normal.

How To Treat A Capricorn Woman

Whether you’re buying a gift for a friend or entering into a relationship with a Capricorn, there are a few things that you should know. Even though she may come across as stoic and stern, she’s quite romantic. She loves high-quality things that feel special. For that reason, she fills her home with antiques and eclectic items that hold beauty but seem a bit mysterious.

If you’re buying her a gift, make sure that it’s not too practical. Choose scented candles over unscented ones, for example. Something unique will get her more excited than a mass-produced product. You can also cook for her. As an earth sign, she appreciates the sensuality of a delicious meal.

She appreciates punctuality. Although she could use more spontaneity in her life, don’t be too reckless. She’ll ditch you for someone whose head seems to be screwed on more securely.

If you want to impress a Capricorn woman, show her that you can make good decisions. She doesn’t like relinquishing control, but she’ll appreciate the chance to take a breather when you demonstrate that you’re also good at planning and making reasonable choices.

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