Going through a divorce is an especially tough time in our lives and it needs to be deal with in a thoughtful way. The tough thing about this is your old life has ended, and you need to find a way to carry on and start again.

Many times people are fearful of what the future holds and so they need to find a way that will enable them to look inside them to become proficient at dealing with the divorce, and healing the heartbreak that was caused.

Follow these tips which will help te repair your broken heart after an especially tough breakup or divorce.

Make the effort to let your family and friends support you: Your friends and family are the best people to surround yourself with during a divorce, and you should use this support to make sure that you do not fall into a pit of depression. Take their advice with regards to their own breakup experiences and what helped them then. The worst thing you can do is shut everyone out out so let these people be your emotional crouch.

Try to keep a positive outlook: Although it will be hard in this situation, keeping a positive attitude and outlook will lessen the suffering you're going through. Do not agonize over bad times in the past, but rather look forward and have some determination about your future.

Do not beat yourself up: Just because things have gone wrong, does not mean you should beat yourself up about it. Every one of us has flaws and we would not be human if we did not. Realize that everyone makes mistakes in their relationship and we are better off just accepting it and moving on, with the knowledge that we will not repeat the same mistakes again.

Start looking to the future: While it's a good idea to look to the past and the lessons you've learned, you still need to start the process of planning for your future. Try to imagine your life in 6 months time. What will you be doing? Maybe you have a career goal or another ambition that you'd like to achieve. Put a realistic plan of action together to help you get there as this will also help to keep your mind off of the negative things.

Get help from experts: Maybe you can not look to the future through fear of failure and the pain of the breakup, and everything just seems to be swallowing you up. There is no shame in getting some professional help here, some counseling or even coaching can really help to get you out of that rut.

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