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I wanted to share what I’ve experienced with and without carrying a concealed weapon. I am 46, married, with 2 children. While my husband was away on business I was home on the farm secluded with woods surrounding when an attempt was made by an intruder to enter our home. Alone with small children, we hid in the closet with the phone for 45 min. before the sheriff arrived. The home alarm was sounding the entire time. Fortunately, the alarm must have caused the would-be intruder to leave. I can tell you that I was not thinking, “Gee, I wish I had a chair to protect us.” As a former anti-gun enthusiast, I instantly became reformed. It was no easy matter as just holding a gun made me sick to my stomach and shake terribly.

As a duty to protect my children, I took a concealed carry class and the appropriate training. I forced myself to endure the uncomfortable feelings of carrying a weapon because I simply could not live with the alternative. Had the intruder decided to stay, he could have done whatever he pleased, harming my children in indescribable ways, and it would have been my fault all because I didn’t want to be “uncomfortable”.

Two more attempts were made at our home shortly after we prepared ourselves.  I was home both times.  I was scared, but ready. We spent the following days practicing our shooting here at the farm and then posted the shot up targets on trees around the perimeter of our land.

Six years later we remain successful at deterring intruders while neighboring farms have been burglarized including a kidnapping to the bank. Today I carry a Kimber 45 – heavy and cumbersome – that I take everywhere I might need it. Yes, even while volunteering at my children’s school. It is common sense that I don’t leave a gun lying around, and keep it protected and out of reach from anyone but me. I have two safeties on it and no one knows I have it. I may never need it, but should I ever do, you can bet that every anti-gun person will be hiding behind me; thanking God that I am strong enough to make the sacrifices it took to be prepared.


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