Today I heard a call from a woman who was complaining that her husband traveled a lot and she was left with the household responsibilities and repairs that came up while he was away. Although she didn’t blame her husband, she was still “annoyed.” When you advised her that she shouldn’t be annoyed, she asked, “Isn’t it natural to be annoyed when things break or go wrong, so long as I don’t complain to my husband?” When you said, “NO,” she asked, “When can I be annoyed?”  You gave the right answer, “When you get a bad diagnosis.”

Although I usually never get too annoyed in general and live a life of gratitude for all that I have, 2006 changed my life. My son, who was 28 at the time, and has had Crohn’s disease since he was 12, suffered a perforated colon. Surgery was successful, yet sepsis set in.  Severe complications followed: such as complete lung failure, various pneumonias, full kidney failure, 6 cardiac arrests, adrenal failure and more. He was ultimately diagnosed with multi-organ failure and was given “slim to no chances to live!” We were devastated. I am blessed to say my family received a miracle. After 71 days in the ICU at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and 111 days total in the hospital, my son came home. He faced a long recuperation, as he was severely out of condition. After 4 more hospitalizations in 2007, life returned to “normal.” While he still has Crohn’s disease (now under control) he is lucky that he suffers no side affects from all of the complications!

Needless to say, this changed our lives. If I was grateful before, I became more grateful. If I rarely got annoyed before, now I never get annoyed! I don’t get annoyed if I get a flat tire that cost $1500. I don’t get annoyed if the dishwasher needs repairs. I don’t get annoyed at anything! And if I find myself sweating the small stuff, it takes me about 2 seconds to say, “This does not matter!” So, in reply to this caller, I would advise her not to wait for a life-altering experience to cause her to stop being annoyed at the little things….be grateful you have those things that break! Be grateful for your health! It can be snatched away in a second…trust me!


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