Dr. Laura,

In 20 years of being with my husband, I have only seen him cry twice. Once when his father died, and the second time was when he heard what you had to say about him when I called you.  I played back our call to him regarding my son who had lived in China for 10 years and was in desperate need of help. I wanted to know if I was unreasonable, (my husband had told me I was), when I wanted to not loan, but gift $300 for 2 years and buy airline tickets for them to visit us for the first time since 2007. You called my husband selfish, a bad man, and a joker.  You also stated that I was better off without him.  He was positive you would see it his way.  He was shocked at what you said and initially very angry. I told him you had validated my thoughts on the matter.  As you instructed, I did not mention my feelings.  I told him I thought you were 100% right, except I really believe he is a good man who is just off kilter with his thinking on this one issue.  And while I hope he would come around, I was going to follow your advice and take care of my kid, with or without his blessing.

Needless to say, he came around, apologized, and asked my forgiveness with tears in his eyes. Together we cried and then made up – that was fun!  We then bought those tickets and told my son the $300 per month was a gift!!

You are my brilliant, life-changing friend and very much remind me of Solomon of the Bible with how you quickly and effectively get to the root of issues. I can not thank you enough. You truly are a hero to me, as I know it can’t always be easy to be so blunt, not always knowing who you are dealing with, yet caring enough to change lives. You have changed my life dramatically for the better with so much advice that I hear in your books and on your radio program. Thank you so very much, Dr. Laura. I so very much appreciate what you said to me and how you helped me know the right thing to do AND equipped me to have the courage to just do it.




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