Dear Dr. Laura,

I wanted to share something that happened on a recent vacation with my husband of 30 years.

We were enjoying a 21 mile bike ride on a wilderness trail on Grand Island in Michigan’s Lake Superior. It was our first real vacation without our 4 now-grown kids. The trail was rugged and challenging as it hugged the rocky cliffs of this beautiful island near the Pictured Rock National Lakeshore. After 10 miles, we stopped for lunch at a deserted sandy beach and swam in the refreshing water. The beauty of the area, the joy of the moment, and the peace we felt with each other and nature was an incredible feeling to share with my husband.

As we walked back to our bikes to complete the remainder 11 miles, we heard my husband’s bike tire burst. For an instant I felt the peace we were experiencing would be shattered and old, genetic habits would fill the serene surroundings. I was pleased and proud of my husband’s will-power at that moment and the rest of the afternoon. After just one swear word he hopped on his bike and said, “I’m riding it like this,” and off he went. I kept quiet and followed behind. It was an incredibly challenging ride over roots, rocks and mud with two good tires. My husband was doing it on one and standing up the entire way. After a few miles in, I started to compliment him for his perseverance. Being a camp counselor in my youth, I told him he definitely would be getting a Good Sportsmanship Award. I could sense his appreciation in every positive word I said. I continued encouraging him and sharing how impressed I was with his determination. My husband did not want to ruin our fantastic bike trip and was willing to do whatever it took to continue to lead the way. It was like a metaphor of our vows. He would do whatever necessary, no matter how tough and tiring it was to be a good husband to me.

I have loved this man for 30 plus years, but never until that afternoon had I seen that level of strength and empowerment. Perhaps I hadn’t looked or had been too busy with our children, but on that day I knew then that he could handle anything that would come before us in the next stage of our lives. I felt safe, loved, cherished and grateful to have this man as my husband and the father of our four kids. I spent 11 miles smiling that I had chosen wisely many years ago.

We shared a beautiful evening together and when we returned home the first thing I did was get him a new tire for his bike. I can’t wait for our next trip!

Thank you for your show and your books. They have helped turn a good marriage into something spectacular!

With sincere gratitude,


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