By example, my parents taught me that a man should work hard for his family, his wife comes first, then the kids. They taught me that NAP time for parents on Saturday afternoon was private and kids do NOT interrupt! They taught me respect, love and trust.

My dad was crazy in love with my mother. There was always a pat or a touch as he went by. He could be difficult, but my mother only had to raise an eyebrow or say “Oh, Bill” and he settled right down. He worked hard as a construction worker and my mom did accounting. They handled life’s ups and downs together.

They taught me that love never dies and loyalty knows no boundaries. When my mom died in 1994, my dad never dreamed he would live 12 more years without her. He missed her as much on the day he died as when she died. He passed away on Valentine’s Day and I do not believe in coincidence. He went to see the love of his life.

I wanted a husband who was strong, loyal, and loving.  Someone who thought I was beautiful and sexy, would weather life’s storms with me and would swim through shark infested water to bring me a lemonade. I scored! My husband is all that and more. We have known each other for 35 years and been married over 23 years. We have a marriage people admire, just like my folks’ marriage.


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