How do I forgive myself? I can not forgive myself, can you help me? Is forgiving myself possible?

Mike has spread a rumor on his friend that he cheated on the exam which directed in his friend's failing the exam. After one month of the incident, Mike started feeling guilty. Although Mike informed the teacher that his friend did not cheat, he is not able to forgive himself.

We sometimes do some mistakes towards ourselves and others. Sometimes, we hurt others intentionally and unintentionally. When you hurt someone or do something that you are not proud of and start feeling guilty, the first thing you need to do is forgive yourself before you ask others to forgive you. You need to let go of the resentment and negative emotions you feel inside. Whether you lied to your boss, hurt your friend, or did something horrible in your past, it is imperative to forgive yourself for your own sake and others.

Benefits of forgiving myself

Inner peace and peace of mind

Mind serenity

Freedom of anger and resentment

Peaceful heart

Increased happiness

How do I forgive myself

I can hear you say "I want to learn how to forgive myself." If that is the case, follow the guide below:

1. Be Aware of What You Did

Be aware of your behavior and what you have done. When you become aware of the wrong doings that you made and know the reasons why you did them, then you can learn from the lessons and move on.

2. Learn Your Lesson

After you become are of what you have done, you need to learn your lesson from the experience, so you will not repeat it again. Ask yourself, what can I learn from this experience? What habits and behaviors I have to change? How can I stop myself from doing this again?

Examine the answers you come up and look for at least one positive thing you can take from this experience. If you fail to learn your lesson, then you are most likely to do it again. This way experiences become opportunities you learn from.

3. Let Go of the Resentment

Realize that you are a human and everyone does things that he or she is not proud of. If you stay upset and angry at yourself, this will not benefit you. All it will do is cause you pain, grief, stress, and could lead you into depression. Therefore, it is better to realize that you are a human and then make a decision to forgive yourself.

Ask yourself, "is there any benefit from holding on to the anger inside?" In most cases, there is no benefit and the longer you hold on to the resentment, the worse you will feel.

Let go of the resentment and anger you have in your heart. As long as you keep harboring resentment and anger, you will not be able to move on and achieve inner peace.

Remember, the main purpose for forgiving yourself is to release yourself from all the negativity and the pain you have. Once the negative energy is released, you can move forward in your life.

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