Society will have you believe that women will never have sex on first date because of their "values", and "rules". However, in my experience this is a complete fabrication of reality. Get this into your head. Women love sex just as much as men, and if she feels horny, safe, and secure she will not hesitate to sleep with you after only 1 meeting. There is nothing morally wrong about this either. This article will show you how to maximize your chances of first date sex.

First things first, she has to like you. That much is obvious. Work on your overall attraction skills, try to be unique, and most of all try to exploit (is that the right word?) Her sexual side. I'll say it again, women are just like us. They are horny, they can be aggressive, and even the "sweetest" of girls can give in to her animal instincts. Why do you think that women generally make more noise during sex than men? Think about it ..

So, she likes you, but she still has this bizarre idea to make you wait until "at least the third date". Let me tell you something. She unfortunately wants to break this rule! She's just scared that you'll think of her as a "slut". Actually, men are only to blame for this, so think hard before ever calling a woman a name like this.

To stop her from thinking negatively towards sex, you're going to need to drop in a few careful sentences regarding sexual attitudes. I normally just bring up the topic of feminism and say something like, "I like the way Feminism allows women to break the traditional concepts of promiscuity. as men to practice what makes them feel good. " See how this works to break down her fear of being perceived negatively?

By now, if all goes well, you should find that she'll sleep with you. Do not ask her for sex, rather invite her back around to your place to "listen to music". Better yet, start the date off with dinner, and then say, "hey, we should actually go to a club!" Then you can make up an excuse that you need to go home to change. Obviously it will only work if you live close by.

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