An emphatic "yes!" is every man's dream answer after he proposes. Contrary to the illusion which many men give, most guys are terrified of the answer that a girl might give after being asked; "will you marry me?"

So, how can you ensure that she will say "yes" and say so emphatically? How can you make the transition from boyfriend to fiance seamless and smooth?

Read on to discover 5 ways to get an emphatic "yes!" after proposing marriage to your girlfriend. Let's get on with it anyway we?

Number 1 – Do You Know What You Are About to Do?

Before you go any further, you must first determine if you really understand the full ramifications of what you plan on doing. How well do you know this chick? Is she as "in love with you" as you think?

The worst thing that can happen to any guy (hopefully not to you) is to go and propose to a girl and get the disappointment of his life – some guys have been known to not recover from such an ordeal.

So before proceeding with the rest of the steps, pause and ponder – or as it is written in the Psalms-Selah.

Number 2 – Investigate

Another way of looking at the word "Investigate" is like this; invest in the gate. That means you need to ensure that the gatekeeper in your girlfriend's house is "invested in" by you.

What does it mean to invest in the gatekeeper (s)? It means that you will need allies as you plan your proposal. For example, you need to ask her siblings or close friends exactly what type of engagement ring she loves (diamonds, platinum's, yellow gold, white gold, pink gold, etcetera).

And if you are wondering if this is important at all – trust me, you do not want to do without this step!

Number 3 – Research

So now you know what her favorite engagement ring type is. It is now time to find out how much it will set you back financially. How much will it cost? What are your payment options? And so on.

Number 4 – Set up the Location

Now it is time to get the location where you plan to propose to her set up. Ensure that is a romantic spot. Do not forget to go with your engagement ring! It will not be nice to get a "yes" and then have no ring to seal the deal.

Additionally you could get someone ready to take the pictures from the "sidelines."

Number 5 – Hug Her after Hearing that Empathic "Yes!"

Get down on bended knees and ask your girlfriend if she would marry you. Once you hear the resounding "YESSS!", Hug her and let her know how much you love her (skip the part about how fast your heart was beating just now).

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