Dr. Laura,

You asked in the Daily Dose, “If you were a dog, what breed would best suit you and why do you think so?”

I would love to say that I would be a Golden Retriever, loyal, loving and serene. I would also love to be thought of as a working dog that is always anxious to please, work and serve. But, as I take stock of myself, I realize I am a small poodle.

Why a poodle? Well, a poodle is cute, loving and adorable just like me! I also have to be the center of attention, whether I try to be or not, I generally am, just because of who I am…just like a poodle. I also need to look good; having my hair and makeup done, clothes clean and nice and it bothers me if I don’t. I’m not high maintenance; I just like to look nice and can do it on a budget!

I’m also just like a small dog…I can yap and nip your heels if I don’t like what you’re doing, or I can curl up in your lap, look at you adoringly and be perfectly content…as long as you’re petting me. Just like a small dog, I will also protect my family from those who mean harm, and can assert myself when needed to get my way. I can also defer to authority, though I don’t like to, and will compromise when needed.

Yup, though I would love to be a milder breed, I am definitely a little poodle. A bundle of happiness, love and attitude all wrapped up in a fluffy little harmless ball of joy…with teeth.



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