You are one of the most powerful signs, and as a woman, you are the leader of the pack. The lioness is confident and powerful. Every situation in your life is quickly taken care of due to your ability to lead and remain positive no matter what happens.


Leo women receive respect in their community, and people look to you for guidance. Similar to a lioness you are often the independent provider to your family. You are not afraid to get out there and put in a good day’s work to bring home food for your loved ones.


Continue reading below to learn more about love, compatibility, and careers of the Leo woman.

Leo Woman: Royalty and Pride

If you were born between July 23rd and August 22nd, you are a Leo. You want to be noticed and acknowledged for your achievements. Since you are one of the strongest suns signs, your personality is sometimes overbearing and demanding. At the core of everything you do in your life is your desire to be loved and accepted by friends and family.


Acceptance is contradictory to what most people would say about a Leo, but it is true. Deep down the Leo woman is somewhat soft on the inside but covered by a rough exterior. You have a huge heart, and you always want to do what is right for others.


Some would say you have a unique personality because the dynamic of your behavior changes frequently. One minute you could be laughing and having a great time, the next minute you could be fighting and screaming at someone.


Your Leo temper sometimes gets the best of you. A bad temper is common for both Leo men and women. You do not want to unleash the claws of a Lioness because it will always end badly.

Independent and Free

Leo women do not like being told what to do, and even if you try, they will most likely ignore you anyway. The Lioness believes strongly in what she is doing and does not need any outside advice to help guide her decisions.


Doing things your way at your own pace is the way of the Leo. You are in charge of your own life, and no one else will tell you otherwise.


Although Leo women do have a strong desire to be loved and respected, they don’t always care what people think. These women are the life of the party and the last ones to leave. They like having a good time and living it up while they can. Their confidence is likely to cause this behavior because Leo is the most confident sign in Astrology.

Positives of the Leo Woman

You have a huge heart with a strong desire to serve others. You always want to do what is right for the people around you, and it’s because you care so much for your friends and family. The sun is your ruler which grants you enormous energy and power. Leo’s are energetic and excited to tackle whatever life throws their way.


Along with your energy comes your ability to always see life positively. You try not to get down on yourself or feel hopeless. When something gets you down, you always bounce back and get back to work.


Some people appreciate a person who does not “beat around the bush,” and that is you. Leo women are not afraid to tell it like it is regardless of other people’s feelings. Some might see this as harsh or blunt, but many people appreciate honesty and will thank you in the long run.


  • Warm-Hearted
  • Energetic
  • Motivated
  • Ambitious
  • Optimistic
  • Straightforward

Negatives of the Leo Woman

You possess a vast ego that continually needs nurturing. When people are not paying attention to you or giving you the care you need, you become defensive. Leo women want to get noticed when they enter a room and most of the time you are the center of attention.


If there is someone else around who is stealing your spotlight, you start to compare yourself to that person and try to outperform them.


Leo’s are controlling, and they want to be first in line to everything. As a Lioness, this is even more true for you. You desire complete dominance over everyone in your life, and you expect other people to follow you. Dominance is the major downfall of Leo women in relationships, especially if you find yourself with another sun sign.


You are so ambitious and driven that you can sometimes be impatient, and this results in many failures in your professional life. You may feel that things are not moving quickly enough for you, so you give up right before you achieve what you want.


  • Egoistic
  • Vain
  • Dominating
  • Controlling
  • Inpatient

The Passionate Lover

You pursue love and relationships the same way you do everything else, with incredible passion. You are not shy about expressing your feelings for someone, and you do it in a way that is well received. Leo women are usually independent and reckless which is something that most men genuinely enjoy.


Leo women are romantic and incredibly intimate. If your romantic interest is mild-mannered or shy, they might be intimidating by your straightforwardness, so it is important to remember not everyone likes this behavior.


Once you decide what you want you to stop at nothing till you get it. Like a Lioness, you stalk your prey and pursue that person until they give you what you want.


You are likely to have a fun and exciting dating life when you are younger. Your dates are full of energy and passion inside and outside the bedroom. You are one with your body and likely to be incredibly confident in what you have.


When the initial excitement of the relationship is gone, that is when you have to get to work. Share your life with your partner and do not always shut him out. Accept his input and allow him to make decisions.

The Dominant Wife

When the dating is over, it’s time to see how the lioness handles the lion. You love to be in control and when you feel out of control things to start to get ugly. When you are not the decision maker, you are likely to hate everything and argue about the littlest things.


You want to decide where you live, what you eat and where you go on vacation. Disagreeing with a Leo woman is not easy to do.


Even though your dominance may seem annoying and deliberate, you only desire what is best for your family. The truth is, you think your decision-making skills are better than your spouse. You have a huge heart, and you only want what is best for your loved ones.


As a mother, you are incredibly loving and caring for your children. You are likely to be the disciplinarian in the family, and you are not afraid to put your kids in their place. While you are firm, you are also fair, and you always greet your children with arms wide open.


Similar to a lioness, you protect your family and sometimes go over the top if you feel threatened. You are likely to be the neighborhood mother no one messes with.

Compatibility for Leo Women

Leo women are most compatible with:



Aries, Gemini, and Libra are three of the most passive signs in astrology. They are laid-back, and they do not get upset about things happening in their lives. A more relaxed attitude is compatible with the high-strung dominant Leo woman.


Those signs will bring you back to earth when you need it, but they will also stand on the sidelines and root for you as you push and shove your way to the top.


In some cases, you are also compatible with another Leo. The lion and lioness are incredibly cocky, and when you put them together, they find a lot of pride in each other. A Leo man will help you achieve your many goals in life but, beware of the temper and controlling attitude.

Leo Women in the Workplace

You are the Queen of your work environment. No matter where you go or what you do, you are most likely the one people run to for help. Even if you are not a manager or supervisor in your career, people see you as someone who leads the team to victory.


In the wild, the lioness goes to retrieve food for the cubs, and this is how you feel about your work. You look at work as a necessity to support your family, and when someone gets in the way of that, you lash out. Leo women are incredibly competitive in the workplace, but you are more strategic than men. Leo men tend to stubbornly fight while you think of ways to bypass your competitors to get ahead faster.


Leo women are natural born business leaders, CEOs, and Entrepreneurs. You combine your incredible charisma with strategic planning and time management to build a woman who stands out of the crowd.


Your energy comes from the sun which means you can outwork anyone who steps into your space. If you are given a task to handle you will work around the clock to ensure it gets done correctly and ahead of schedule. No one can match your work ethic.


Finances are a unique issue for Leo women. You are so caring and generous that it sometimes gets you in trouble with your money. You always want to be the one who pays for your friends at the restaurant and donates the most money to the charity. You do this even if you do not have the money. The carelessness with money comes partly because of your desire to be generous but mostly because you want to look good to your peers.


Leo women want everyone to see how well you are doing and how you can throw money around like it’s nothing.

Wrapping Up

You are a Leo woman and that grants you incredible power and dominance over other women. Your winning personality stands out and makes you an ideal candidate for careers in business and management. Friends and family see you as a person who will stop at nothing to achieve everything she wants from life.


In your personal life, your relationships are passionate and full of love. You enjoy the excitement of dating, and you are quite flirty when you want to be. Remember to control your dominant personality and try to let your partner take over once in a while.


Your energy is astounding, and Leo women change the world when they channel the suns power into a cause that benefits everyone.

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