The Libra man is extremely charming and brings an air of optimism and entertainment to everything that he does. Unfortunately, it never seems to last long because he floats through life willy-nilly, shifting from one thing to another.

That’s one way that he finds balance. Once he has been doing something for too long, he seeks out something completely different to fill the void.

The Libra fellow who has spent time on his own has done some inner work, though. He may be truly balanced. Although it’s rare for Libras to commit to one thing long enough to find equilibrium, it is possible. When it happens, this optimistic guy finds meaning in his life.

The Libra Man Lives In The Moment

Most Libra men are dreamers. They have lofty imaginations, and they’re always coming up with grand ideas. You might think that this would make them visionaries who live in the future, but they’re content to live in the moment. They’ll do anything that feels good at the present time.

They’re more like daydreamers than soothsayers. They’ll go wherever their fantasies take them. This is often into the world of fantasy. In other words, they have a hard time taking action on their ideas.

In the end, the Libra man doesn’t always have many productive results to display as proof of his productivity. But he does have plenty of experiences. He’s a poet and storyteller, and the most important story to tell is his own.

Your Idealism May Obscure Reality

One thing that the Libra man has plenty of is optimism. In this regard, he is way off balance.

His positivity is contagious, however. People love being around him because he makes them feel like they’re on top of the world. This smokescreen can be up for quite a while, making things seem better than they truly are.

Eventually, the Libra man may need to open his eyes to what’s really going on. When the guests fall asleep and the champagne stops flowing, the party is over. The Libra man is usually the last one to leave.

This is a beneficial quality. Who doesn’t admire the person who can make the best out of any situation?

It becomes problematic when real problems occur and the Libra guy tries to gloss over them without taking responsibility. When his money runs out, he might turn to his parents or friends for a handout. When his partner finally leaves him, he doesn’t believe it until he has been home alone for more than a week. This bloke has blinders on, and it would serve him well to remove them periodically and take an objective assessment of the situation.

You Aim To Please

In relationships, you want to make everyone happy. This makes you a great buddy, colleague and boyfriend.

You shy away from conflict. If someone tries to pick a fight with you, you don’t engage. In fact, you can talk yourself out of anything by asking the other party about their side of the story.

You’re a relatively good communicator, and you often tell people what you think they want to hear. This gets you out of sticky situations, but it also makes you seem phony if people can tell what you’re doing. Fortunately, you’re smooth and authentic enough to avoid appearing fake.

You like it when people tell you what you want to hear too. Your friends should choose their words carefully. You are not the type of person who enjoys feedback that’s brutally honest. Sugar coating things works well for your optimistic self.

Why Do You Struggle To Make Decisions?

As a Libra man, you may judge yourself somewhat harshly because you have trouble making decisions. It’s not because you’re weak or wishy-washy. You can simply see the benefits of every solution and have a hard time deciding which one is the best of the best.

Whether you’re making a life-changing decision or ordering sushi, you want to evaluate all of your options before you choose. At least you can be confident that your final decision will be the right one. You can probably even provide the list of pros and cons that you used to come to it.

This is a boon when you’re dealing with personal drama. You’ll never choose one friend over another unless they merit getting more of your attention. You usually give great advice because you act as the impartial judge.

Therefore, you’re usually not involved in arguments except as referee. You can weasel your way out by playing the “fairness” card. You’re a great debater, but people who don’t know you may think that you’re argumentative because you often play devil’s advocate just to show that you’ve considered every angle.

If you can turn this skill of impartial observation on yourself, you begin to evaluate yourself on a deep inner level. Practicing non-judgmental awareness is the best way for the Libra man to really get to know himself. When he spends time digging deep, he discovers what he actually wants. Then, he can make better and faster decisions about the big things in his life.

Do You Love Them And Leave Them?

The Libra man loves to be in love. He has such a fondness for romance that he might juggle a few different lovers before he settles down. He doesn’t mean to lead anyone on; he just can’t decide which partner is perfect for him until he gets to know them all on an equally deep level.

When he chooses a partner, he stays loyal. He feels balanced when he has made the perfect pairing. His lovers often mirror the qualities that he has. The Libra man is the perfect guy for those who are looking for an “opposites attract” type of relationship.

Therefore, although this fellow is not afraid to play the field, he is ultimately just assessing all of his options so that he can feel confident about his ultimate choice. If you’re happily married to a Libra man, you should know that you complete him. He will be persistent in making the relationship last.

He’s generous with his time, body and money. The Libra man will surprise you with tokens of his affection, such as gifts “just because.” He may whisk you away on a weekend vacation so that he can spend more time with you.

When he’s with you, he gives you his undivided attention. He gets just as much out of the relationship as he gives.

This is especially true in bed. The Libra man enjoys giving as much as he likes receiving. He gets twice the satisfaction from physical intimacy as most people do. If you’re in a relationship with a Libra man, you’re lucky. His lovemaking seems completely selfless, and he’ll dote on you just because doing so thrills him.

Should You Date Another Libra?

The Libra man can have an idyllic relationship with another Libra. The two of them are all about balance. Even if your partner is completely different than you, you’ll harmonize. Plus, you’ll have a great social life.

If you’re not dating a Libra, you’ll pair well with a Gemini or Sagittarius. The Gemini also has an affinity for the good things in life and understands your need to be around people but won’t help you make decisions. The Sagittarius is adventurous and outgoing, but both of your independence could lead to drifting.

How To Date A Libra Man

If you’re interested in dating a Libra man, there are a few things that you should know about the way that the relationship may progress. He needs plenty of reassurance that he’s as amazing as he thinks he is.

Although he is confident, he relies on external factors to stay strong. He can get insecure if he hasn’t heard nice things about himself recently. Therefore, make sure that you tell him how much you love him or how great he looks in that shirt.

With that being said, the Libra man who really knows himself may turn the tables on you. He may be so insanely self-confident that you feel insecure in his presence. Remember that he wants to make you happy. You can tell him how you’re feeling, and he’ll reassure you with acts of love and generosity.

If your Libra man has chosen his opposite as a partner, he might be tempted to change you when he realizes that you two could have a little more in common. Maintain your boundaries, and don’t hesitate to remind him of the reasons that he fell in love with you in the first place.

This Is How You Can Balance Your Finances

Does budgeting feel like being on a roller coaster? Because of your predilection for balance, you tend to secure a strong financial future. You’ll invest in a variety of stocks to make sure that you blend high-risk growth with low-risk security. You probably have a small retirement account, and you’ve put some money away for your children’s education.

You feel like you live from paycheck to paycheck, though. You don’t hesitate to take the plunge when you want something. You might spend more than you can afford more often than you’d like to admit. You’re not always spending on yourself, though; you’re frequently paying for a few rounds of drinks or taking your lady out to a nice dinner.

If you feel like you’re falling behind financially, you can improve your standing by setting a goal for your savings. If you can accumulate a few thousand dollars in your bank account, commit to using 10 or 20 percent to buy yourself something nice. This will help you provide for your future while enjoying the money that you earn now.

You’re A Great Person For Anyone’s Team

You’re a social butterfly, and you relate to other people well. You prefer being with others to spending time alone whether you’re working or playing. Therefore, your job should allow you to interact with others. It’s even better if you can be vocal about your opinion at work.

You would excel as an attorney. You might also enjoy writing for an advice column. Better yet, you could host a radio show and interview different guests every day. Some other excellent job options for the Libra man are a social worker, interior decorator or financial analyst.

Any position that requires you to make immediate decisions might make you anxious. You’ll never feel like you’re doing well because you don’t have time to analyze your choices. Therefore, you might not want to take that job with the New York Stock Exchange.

Still, one of your best qualities is your sense of justice. You stick to your word. People can trust you. If you can let go of the need to please others and show up as the person who you’re supposed to be, you’ll gather a network of supporters and go far in life.


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