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    The best advice about what to do when your child lies to you, came from you, Dr. Laura!  Although it was a long time ago, I still use this technique today for other things as well.
    My son was about 7 when h […]

    Dr. Laura,
    I want to say thank you for everything that you have taught me, and because of it I am proud to say I am my husband’s wife!!!! I started listening to your program when I was 11.  I am now 25 and h […]

    Hi Dr. Laura,
    I listen to your podcast and I really enjoy your point of view regarding adult kids living at home. I have two sons ages 12 and 9, and even though they’re young we try to talk to them about […]

    When I was 14, my parents were in a horrible head on collision with a drunk driver. Seat belts weren’t in use in those days and many cars did not even have them. My father’s legs were both crushed into […]

    Dear Dr. Laura,
    I am one very happy girl these days and I believe it is your fault. My husband and I married last November after dating for 7 years. We waited until we were 25 and a little more mature to […]

  • Your book “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” helped me stay married and we’re celebrating our 46th anniversary this year.  At first, I started letting my husband be the “man.”  I did little things, l […]

    Dear Dr. Laura,As a long time listener and avid reader of your books you’ve helped me become a better person. Here is a poem I wrote to thank you! – KathyAn Ode to Dr. Laura In this season where we pause, […]

  • How I was dating an undercover Fuckboy. These fuckboys or now known as city boys are truly masters of disguises. They come off seeming to have good intentions and being sweet. They put on the “great c […]

    The other day, I woke up in a sweat after having a dream my husband was having an affair. In my dream, I ran into him and his average looking mistress standing with their arms wrapped around each other at […]

    Dr. Laura, My wife and I just celebrated our golden anniversary on November 24. Sadly, she had a stroke two weeks prior to that. It was a minor stroke, a TIA. And I am now her caretaker, especially in […]

    I listened to the young woman who wanted to know if she should wait till she knew her boyfriend better before having sex with him. I have only one thing to say: NOT THIS SIDE OF THE ALTAR. If he is not […]

  • Recently, a caller said her husband wanted her to join him in a swingers group to satisfy his sexual desires since she was “no longer interested in sex.” You skillfully elicited some of the caller’s hidden […]

  • I was a sprinter in Junior High, and I was very fast…. Already faster than the fastest girl on the high school track team. I didn’t have to work very hard to earn a spot on the relay team, and made it to the […]

  • When I got married 25 years ago, I had a life plan that I’d be a career woman like my mother and her mother and my mother-in-law and then I’d also be a mom.  At that time, brand-name clothes were symbols of […]

  • Just had to share this with you, Dr. Laura:
    Teacher Debbie Moon’s first graders were discussing a picture of a family. One little boy in the picture had a different hair color than the other members. One of […]

  • Hi, Dr. Laura,
    I have been a listener for the last five years and have learned a lot. I am 25 years old and recently ended a relationship with my girlfriend of 18 months. And you are 100% correct when you say […]

  • Hi Dr. Laura, I spent years disliking my husband’s grandmother. She was more of a mother to him than his own, so she was the woman I shared him with the most. I loved her because he did, or at least I was […]

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    Dr. Laura, When my wife turned 40, I told her I had no intention of trading her in for two 20-year-olds. When she turned 75, I wrote her this: 75 When you look into a mirror, and have doubts about what you see, […]

  • Dear Dr. Laura, I have to tell you thank you for your book, “In Praise of Stay-at-Home Moms”. I have a beautiful 5 year-old daughter, a 20 month-old son, and we are blessed to be expecting another girl in two […]

  • My husband and I have had the type of year with some of the highest highs and lowest lows. These were all outside factors and I was pleased to see our relationship only grow from recent experiences. I just sat […]

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