Hello Dr. Laura,

I had something happen that I wanted to share with you. My life has taken some life changing events lately, one of which is that I am going to college for the first time ever at the grand old age of 48. I think I might be a nurse when I grow up.

I am taking a 16 week first aid class that just started yesterday. The professor was talking about how to respond in emergency situations. He asked us between our child and our spouse who would we save if we could only save one of them. Well, as a mother I did not even have to think, of course I would save my child. I thought that was the most ridiculous question I had heard! Then I heard his answer.  He explained he would save his wife. His reasoning was that God had given him his wife to love, honor and protect, to have and to hold for the rest of his life. His child was only going to be in his life a short time, then they would grow up and move on to have lives of their own. He then told us about a class he had taught a few years ago where this lady stood up and called him a pig. He said it took the whole 16 weeks to get on her good side. However he also talked about going home that night and telling his wife about his class and their talk. She told him that if he saved her and not her babies she would kill him.

So after almost 25 years of marriage I came home and told my husband (because we do have a adopted daughter/granddaughter) that he had better save the child! Just another way that men and women differ…

Blessing to you Dr. Laura and thank you for all you do for us!


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