Hi Dr. Laura, 

I’d like to be upfront and say there is a lot about which I do not agree with you, but that is okay because I believe we should be tolerant of our different viewpoints. That being said, I am a big supporter of your frank, honest and blunt feedback you offer your listeners. 

I am in my second marriage and this month celebrate 10 years with my husband. There have been many times during our union that I have fallen in and out of love with him. I am almost 58, he is 12 years older, and his sex drive is waning. I have contemplated leaving and living out some fantasy life many times. I have not acted on impulse. Often I imagine moving back home or escaping to Europe… I wonder what my life would be like without him. He is a devoted and loving husband with two grown kids, but is like many men, not a good relationship communicator. Your insights have helped me understand men do not think like women and this is normal and okay. 

I just wanted to let you know that I have done some deep analysis of my behaviors and I believe that the advice you’ve offered has caused me to look within and realize what a wonderful life I really have. I see now our home is refuge. It represents the work we have put into our relationship and I couldn’t imagine leaving this sweet, kind and loving man. He has his flaws but don’t we all? 

The little chicklets that call you bitching about their husband after 6 months of marriage need to turn off the Kardashians and focus on what they have. Life and relationships are precious and after the glitter, gloss and superficial crap has tarnished, the beautiful patina of a life built for each other begins to shine through. You have helped reinforce the foundation of my marriage. I can now be a part of another, deep and substantial stage of life thanks to your straight talk, honesty and no-bullshit approach. My second marriage and his third are going to be a success story, thanks in large part to your direct, to the point advice and insight. I am very grateful for that, even if you don’t like our president! LOLOL 

Thank you, 


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