The deeply intuitive and visionary Pisces man is poetic and dreamy. He is a water sign, and he likes to go deep.

He has no tolerance for superficiality or small-minded ideas and prefers to get into the heart of the matter whether he’s meeting someone for the first time or having a new experience. This curiosity allows him to immerse himself in the meaning of everything he does. Like water, he can seep through tiny cracks in the landscape in his quest to become one with the universe.

He loves to know what makes everything tick, whether it’s friends, lovers or the world at large. However, he is not one to reveal too much about himself. This can make him feel distant, but it really reflects his ancient wisdom and ability to experience worlds beyond the physical realm.

The Psychic Poet

If you have ever met a Pisces man, you’ve probably experienced the magic of drifting into unknown waters. Maybe you had a lover who wrote you beautiful poetry. Perhaps he illuminated the darkest corners of your psyche, bringing out revelations that you may never have thought were possible.

When you hang out with a male Pisces, you’re bound to feel a bit magical. If you are one of the lucky Pisces men, you probably feel psychic from time to time. You may see things before they happen, have dreams that foretell the future, sense people’s energy or even write stories that come true.

You were born with an energetic sensitivity. You can feel other people’s emotions, hear messages that are whispered on the wind and see visions that don’t appear before anyone else’s eyes. This is your gift.

Even if you don’t notice these powers of yours, they exist in your subconscious. Those feelings that you get when you simply know which path to take are the universe’s way of guiding you. Most people have this ability, but you are able to hone it better than others.

Use Your Creativity Wisely

This is one reason that you should always tap into some form of creativity.  Whether you make music, write novels, paint masterpieces, put on performances or simply keep a journal, your artistic endeavors often serve as a way for you to access the messages that come from deep within your soul or the universe. You may look back at the work that you have created and notice that it reveals information about your life.

Being creative also allows you to make the most of living in two different worlds. You can get so caught up in your mental space that you neglect people and things that are important to you in the here and now. Using your creativity gives you a chance to bring your visions into tangible form and share them with the world.

People may see you as secretive. If you’re having trouble connecting with a loved one, you can express yourself via your favorite art form to show that you’re devoted but just have a hard time speaking your truth using everyday language.

Love Is Your Greatest Ideal

You live for love, but you don’t dive in headfirst. Instead, you float around, observing, learning and feeling. When the moment feels right, the chemistry will be there. Sparks will fly, and you’ll be forever devoted to the object of your devotion.

Even though you’re often in your own world, you’re not selfish. You simply want a partner to experience that realm with you. When you find one, you want to share everything with them.

You’re extremely loyal and helpful. You provide for your partner’s every need. You would do anything to make them happy.

Luckily for your partner, you do this in a completely easygoing way. You’re never forceful or needy. Your highest intention is to live a fulfilling life surrounded by the people that you love. Your heart is wide open in return.

What Are Relationships Like For The Pisces Man?

From an outsider’s perspective, you’re as slippery as a fish. Because you’re attractive and selfless, people want you as a partner. You exude maturity and wisdom, both of which are alluring. Plus, you’re unique, making you stand out from the crowd.

You make a great partner and lover, but you’re not as accessible as people hope you would be. Therefore, prospective partners often want to push you faster than you’re willing to go.

Because you’re so good at making meaningful conversation and asking others about themselves, people feel closer to you than they may be. You prefer to take your time, building up a profound connection before taking a romantic step.

You should know that this can be frustrating for others. You probably don’t worry too much about that, though. After all, you trust that any relationship will be stronger when you give it time to develop even if the other person is getting impatient. Someone who is that eager to fall for you is obviously overlooking your deeper qualities anyway.

If you bond with someone who is like-minded and open to new ideas, you might find yourself captivated by them as long as they’re not too dramatic or pushy. You rarely make the first move, but you’ll respond to someone else’s initiation of love when you’re enchanted by them.

Then, you’ll move through the creative spontaneity of a romantic relationship. Things can get passionate quickly once you have decided to commit. By that point, you’ve given away your heart. You’re more likely to have it broken than you are to break someone else’s, by the way.

If you are unhappy, you’re not likely to speak up about it. Therefore, some of your partners may be confused when you finally walk away. If they’re intuitive, they will have seen it coming.

Your Partner Must Understand Your Introverted Ways

Because you don’t make big displays, people may think that you’re standoffish. You don’t open up to others easily, although you ask them plenty of questions about themselves in an effort to help them trust you. When someone really gets you, they understand that you’re an introvert.

Your best friends and lovers know that you’ll do anything to protect them. You’re fiercely loyal even though you prefer to spend time in your head than in a social setting. Although that can look like disinterest from the perspective of a partner who’s craving a romantic dinner with you, it’s just the way that you are.

Compatibility is important to a Pisces. Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn and Cancer are most likely to be romantically compatible with you.

You need someone who is as loyal as you are. In many relationships, two possessive people don’t work well together. But knowing that you belong to someone else helps you feel secure.

The Scorpio is likely to provide you with the security that you seek. You’re both private people who will be selfless toward one another. You’re emotional and spiritual, and you recognize when the other needs support. The Scorpio-Pisces match is so ideal that you might make a lot of people jealous.

Cancer is another top candidate for romantic love. You’re emotionally harmonious to the point where you don’t really need anyone else. The perfect date for a Cancer and Scorpio is a sweet dinner at home, followed by a bath together and a sensual massage.

A highly social partner probably isn’t right for you. Although they may get swept away by your devotion, they often “wake up” and realize that they’ve been in a different world with you. They may find it difficult to blend the love domain with reality.

How You Get Stuck Playing The Victim

Although you’re not usually the leader of the pack, people seek you out individually for guidance. But more insistent folks might try to be controlling.

That can lead you to feel like a victim, especially if you’ve been emotionally vulnerable. Because you have trouble setting boundaries, this often describes your situation. Plus, you love to give people second chances, upping the odds of getting hurt.

Something that can help you when you’re feeling wronged is to speak up for yourself. If you aren’t assertive, you end up torturing yourself. This propagates the martyr mentality.

Career Moves For The Pisces Man

The Pisces man will not thrive in a corporate office setting unless he has an extremely creative role in the company. He performs best when he is working alone or one-on-one with people. Therefore, he would be an excellent counselor, social worker or architect. As mentioned earlier, he also thrives when he is making art of some kind. This may be his career or a hobby that takes over his life.

Because he’s so kind-hearted, the Pisces man might take a job that involves helping others. He’s not the best communicator, so he would prefer to be with animals or work in nature. A veterinarian or forest ranger might be in his future. He may also find solace at sea.

On the other hand, he could work as a private investigator. A job with flexible hours would suit him because he isn’t always inspired between 9 and 5.

If you work with or manage a Pisces man, you might be frustrated by his lackadaisical attitude. He’s not lazy; he simply doesn’t believe that he needs to follow the rules. In fact, he might disagree with the fact that rules exist at all.

He is best left to his own devices. When he can freely think and act, he produces incredible results.

What Is The Pisces Man’s Style Like?

The Pisces man oozes style, but it’s an eclectic, mystical variety. He doesn’t follow any fashion trends or rules. Instead, he chooses items that call to him or make him feel wonderful.

Comfort is important. His clothes may have a flowy nature to them. He looks great in comfortable fabrics with gorgeous drape. He probably feels ill at ease in clothes that are too tailored.

The homes of Pisces men are like wonderlands that lie separate from the exterior world. The Pisces man might have transformed an old shed into a studio or live in a camper. Wherever he makes his home, it feels cozy, warm and inviting.

It’s usually filled with art that he made or received as a gift. There are probably crystals, semiprecious stones or plants in various places. He uses these to absorb negative energy and shift the aura within the space. The Pisces man may not own a TV.

He is probably concerned with keeping his home free of toxins too. He likely has a water filter and may keep the shades drawn during the day. You would think that this would make him an exceptionally healthy person. However, the Pisces man has a tendency to indulge, especially when he’s trying to soothe his hurt feelings.

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