It’s a little intimidating to email because when I hear the “Email of the Day,” it always sounds so well thought out by the writers, but I couldn’t miss a chance to tell you there is at least one more REAL man in this world.

My husband and I have been married for close to 2 years now and I have always known he was an alpha-male, but there are still situations in which I wonder how he would react should they come about. In the past I had only dated weak, passive men and it was natural for me to ‘worry’ about coaching them in any type of confrontational situation. My husband rides his motorcycle to work every morning.  One morning, after he kissed me goodbye and I was falling back to sleep, I was awakened by a constant loud pounding of the doorbell. Since he had just left, I thought the only possible explanation must be that my husband was in an accident on our street and the neighbor was coming to get me! I panicked and threw on a robe. It turned out to be an angry man from 2 houses down yelling at me to make my husband come see him when he got home because the neighbor was tired of hearing his bike in the morning. The man was extremely rude to me, not to mention, that he scared me half to death. When I called my husband and told him, he bluntly said “I have to go now so I can focus on work, but I will take care of it.”

When my husband got home, the man came over as my husband was fixing something in the garage.  My husband asked me to go into the house.  Immediately, I had doubt he wouldn’t say exactly the right thing, or get all of the words out that needed to be said, or worse, be too polite, but I heard your little voice in my head and stopped myself from wanting to spy and went in the kitchen. They were arguing for a few minutes and I could just hear them raising their voices, but I could not make out the words. I caught the tail end of the yelling and heard the EXACT words I silently doubted would come out of my hero’s mouth: “You will NEVER speak to my wife like that again or harass her! Don’t apologize to me, you need to apologize to her.” He opened the door and asked me to come in there. The man sincerely apologized to me and we sorted everything out. I will never doubt my husband’s efforts to protect me again, and I thank God for finally choosing wisely.

Thank you for being the little voice in my head telling me to do the right thing.

Ellie, the proud wife and girlfriend of a soldier.

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