Dr. Laura,
A young friend was somewhat despondent over a present breakup and I told her he was a great fool to break off with her.  She asked why I would say that and I thought you would like the response:

I think that life is most akin to a journey. And like all journeys equally important to the destination and to the road traveled is the companion who journeys with you… Our parents try to prepare us for that journey and try to provide us with the tools to help us along the way. If we choose wisely our journey is a happy one, in part because of our destination, in part because of our method in getting there, but in large measure because of our companion. 

Having said that, and acknowledging this is my view and premise, I turn to why I think you are a great companion and why someone would be a great fool to let you go… One’s attitude is paramount, while we all have down days, you are in my estimation a joy to be around: Always a smile, a genuine concern for those around you, good natured, kind to children, willing to learn, devoted to the task at hand, genuine, honest, I believe, and attractive.  Your attractiveness is a bonus as to why you are a good companion and not a primary reason. I would say that you also appear to me to be a loyal soul; that once your heart is affixed it does not easily wander. You are care taking yet adventuresome. That combination of qualities is not common today, especially for women in their 20s.  When life experience sets in, many women in America have made such poor choices in their 20s that their lives are forever burdened with those choices.  You, in my estimation, have done none of those things. So, those are the reasons why I think you are a fabulous catch, and anyone who would let you go is a fool.  A fool is someone who knows things yet chooses differently.  Unlike someone who is ignorant – they may be inexperienced or uneducated, but a fool has learned and that learning is for naught.

I believe your question was in earnest, and not an off-handed inquiry, so I gave you the thoughtful answer I think it deserved. You would make the right man happy to be alive and happy to be married to you. Have a great day

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