Dr. Laura,

My husband and I have been together for six years. This past June, we welcomed our first son into the family. My husband and I were both overjoyed to have a baby, but in the first few tiring weeks with a newborn, I noticed things I swore I would never do starting to take over. Getting used to be a stay-at-home mom with a newborn was very difficult! I work from home and trying to juggle that with keeping up on housework was making me stressed beyond belief. Before I knew it my husband and I were bickering more and a distance began to grow.

I was extremely frustrated with his shortness with me and I felt discouraged. We both had waited for a baby and were so happy to have him that I never thought it would adversely affect our marriage.

A few weeks ago, I thought of all the Dr. Laura shows I had listened to, and all the advice you had given. I decided to implement a new rule. Everyday after my husband leaves for work, we text each other a few things we love, admire or are attracted to about the other person. We started this three weeks ago and since then our marriage has become SO much stronger! We both go to bed with a smile every night – yes, even with a fussy 2.5 month old.  And I have gone back to being his girlfriend. We speak to each other with kindness and are physically closer than ever. The house isn’t always perfect, but our son is happy, and we are more in love than I ever thought possible.

Thank you for your no-nonsense advice, and the reminder to keep your spouse a priority regardless of what changes in your lives together.

Wishing you 100 more years on the air,


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