Dear Dr. Laura, 

I have one sister and both my parents are still alive. I feel so lucky to have the life I have. Most of my friends’ parents have passed already. While listening to you counsel the woman who felt cheated because her parents had died, I was shocked at her selfish attitude and her feelings of entitlement of having life HER WAY. I would like to tell her the real people IN MY LIFE who were cheated were: Both of my grandmothers, who I loved, very much died, while I was pregnant with my first born. I so wished they could have met my kids. But my sons are so loved by my husband of 30 years and my parents. My sister, whose son died of a brain aneurism on the playground at age 9 was cheated out of a full life and seeing her son grow up to get married and have grandkids.  The boy who got my nephew’s heart was LUCKY to have lived another 8 years or so and the girl who got my nephew’s lungs was blessed to live 18 more months with cystic fibrosis. My high school girlfriend whose little baby girl died with one of the rarest forms of spinal cancer before her first birthday was cheated out of life. Her dad is also a physician. My best friend whose son went out for a drive one night and died unexpectedly in a freak. My friend was cheated out of grandkids. A very special 21-year-old young lady who I thought of like a daughter was murdered by her 36-year-old boyfriend. I feel cheated that a doctor damaged both my feet in a surgery, but I take proper pain medication and walk at the dog park and clean houses for a living. I feel blessed I did not lose my feet or that I am in a wheelchair. 

Shame on that woman for feeling CHEATED because her parents were good parents and they passed away. I hope and PRAY she will NEVER have to go through the many heartaches my friends, family and I have gone through. This is just my life and I am sure there are thousands of listeners who could tell you their sadness out of being cheated out of things in their lives. 

Dr. Laura, you are a blessing to so many! Keep on going. My son, who will be 23, used to sit on the counter when he was 4 years old and say in his cute little boy voice, “Now go and take on the day!” I can still hear his little voice. Thank you for what you do! You are a TRUTH TELLER! 

God Bless, 


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