It’s easy to want to be in the presence of people who are free-spirited and optimistic. These qualities describe the Sagittarius woman. You might not always relate to her, because she seems to ignore life’s suffering in favor of amusement, but you will always have fun with her.

This female embodies the lighter side of life. The only thing she is serious about is making sure that she finds pleasure in everything that she does. She doesn’t get bogged down by negativity because she chooses to see things in a positive light.

She is not fussy or uptight. In fact, she’s so energetic and lovely that she amasses friends and lovers easily. But she moves around so much that her loved ones may be disappointed when she disappears.

The Sagittarius Woman Has A Gypsy Soul

This woman is the epitome of the bohemian woman. She’s a nomad in body and spirit. She enjoys traveling and living in different places. When it comes to her interests and passions, she’s always up for trying new things.

That’s because her heart longs to explore every inch of the universe. She craves to understand this world deeply. To satisfy her yearnings, she is in constant motion, meeting new people and going on adventures. She even loves to explore new ways of looking at the world and doesn’t subscribe to any particular religion or dogma.

Because of this, she is fun to be around. She doesn’t judge others for who they are. In fact, the more unique you are, the more she will cling to every word, hoping to learn from you. If you can show the Sagittarius woman a new world every time she wakes up, she will bring you along on her quest for fulfillment.

What Kind Of Friend Is The Sagittarius Woman?

The Sagittarius is a great friend, although she may not always live up to other people’s standards. You have to understand that she has the best intentions. She loves fully and is completely open with her emotions.

She just has so much going on that she doesn’t have all the time in the world to spend with you. You have to keep up with her, and you might find yourself chasing her periodically. But you could go for years without seeing her and pick up where you left off. She doesn’t hold grudges and she doesn’t need quality time to care about you.

If you’re friends with a Sagittarius woman, you should make some other friends too. You never know when your Sagittarius will be around, and she could blow away like a storm only to return a few months later.

If you’re a female Sagittarius, you don’t have to take a lot of time to remind your loved ones that they’re important to you. Send them a postcard from your next adventure or tag them in an Instagram post where you share a memory from good times that you’ve had together.

You Make Every Space Yours

If you’re a Sagittarius, when you go to a friend’s house, you might bring a blanket and some candles to spruce it up. You make every space feel like home. That may be a testament to your nomadic ways. You thrive in magical environments, and you infuse them with your own enchantment when they’re less than captivating.

If you have lived in the same place for a while, it still retains minimalist appeal. You might collect items from your travels or hang a hodgepodge of artwork on your walls. But you don’t need a lot of material goods.

When it’s time to hit the road again, you can often pack all of your things into one suitcase. You don’t feel guilty about giving away your treasures to your friends when you move so that you can start fresh.

You’re Surprisingly Successful

Because the Sagittarius woman flits around so much, it’s easy to assume that she wouldn’t be able to hold down a job. On the contrary, she seeks out meaningful work and throws herself into her projects wholeheartedly. She has a tendency to sign up for more than she can handle.

She is punctual and can meet deadlines as long as she doesn’t have too much on her plate. She hates disappointing people, and she’ll clamber to stay true to her work commitments. Eventually, this can lead to burnout. When it does, you can usually find this woman taking a month-long vacation to a gorgeous location so that she can regroup before coming back to reality.

The Sagittarius woman is not the best saver, but she loves feeling abundant. Therefore, she often has exactly as much money as she needs to do everything that she wants to do. She’s resourceful and able to tap into her creative reserves when she can’t afford something. The Sagittarius woman is not above couch surfing or bartering to make ends meet.

Will You Find Love?

The Sagittarius woman finds love wherever she looks. It’s common for her to have to fend off suitors who fall for her because she’s just that charming. She is so open and giving that some may mistake her enthusiasm for romantic interest. She’s just that into everybody, though.

Because she’s so accepting, this woman may find it hard to figure out when she’s really in love. She’s had plenty of experience falling into relationships only to realize later on that she made a mistake. Still, it’s hard for her to step away and assess relationships objectively when they feel so intense.

If you’re a Sagittarius woman, you have everything that you need to make yourself happy. You may not realize this until you’ve been through the relationship ringer several times, though. You think that the perfect love will satisfy you in every way. The truth is that you know how to find satisfaction in life, and a lover is just the icing on the cake.

If you have trouble determining whether to give your heart to someone, question whether they make you a better version of yourself. The perfect partner supports your personal growth and is intent on their self-development. They will also never ask you to change who you are.

Should The Female Sagittarius Settle Down?

It might seem like a shame to try to tame the wild Sagittarius. She is happy to settle down as long as she can retain her spontaneous ways. In other words, she’ll never be tamed.

However, she can make a wonderful partner as she grows old with someone. When she decides to commit, she does so openly and honestly.

She might not marry you, but she’ll live next door and make you breakfast every day. She isn’t the type to “settle down” in a conventional way. She might even suggest that you have an open relationship or be polyamorous. On the other hand, she’s certainly capable of having a monogamous relationship as long as it retains its spark.

She will always love adventure. Because she never stops moving, she will likely maintain her health and stay active even as she reaches old age. Life is never going to get boring for the Sagittarius woman. If you’re involved with her, you’ll have a pretty fun life yourself.

A Sagittarius makes a great mother because she finds it easy to tap into her inner child. She is youthful and often silly. She will get down and play on her children’s level, frolicking with them and helping them access their own sense of adventure. Her kids will grow up to be free thinkers and independent spirits.

This is the kind of mother who raises children that will change the world.

Can You Trust A Sagittarius Woman?

The Sagittarius may be the most truthful of all the zodiac signs. She is candid beyond belief.

She can’t hide her feelings. She may break your heart, but she won’t do it by being deceitful. She’s more likely to hurt someone by being brutally honest.

You can’t condemn her for that, though. She shows you exactly who she is. If you don’t like her, that’s your problem.

The Sagittarius woman has the best intentions. She wants to make other people’s lives better. Therefore, she may push her opinions on people who don’t want to hear them.

She is rarely trying to be hurtful or cruel. Everything that she does is an effort to help.

You can trust her to be honest with you. You can trust her to show up authentically in everything that she does. You can trust that she has your best intentions in mind.

The Sagittarius Woman Is Funny

As a Sagittarius, you make people laugh even if you don’t always mean to. You do enjoy making other people smile, and you know when to crack a joke.

Your humor isn’t particularly clever or witty. It can even come across as insensitive. But one of your gifts is to turn serious situations into light ones.

When you’re not doing that with dumb wisecracks, you put on a show to entertain people. The Sagittarius woman is a wild child. She’s not afraid to dance on the bar or sing in the street.

Sometimes, you inadvertently trigger laughter with your clumsiness. You might spill your coffee as you’re juggling so many things on the way out to the car or trip on a curb while wearing your sexy heels on a girl’s night out. Sagittarius women are accident prone. You always have a Band-Aid on your knee or cast on your foot because you got into a scrape during your last adventure.

What Are Your Best And Worst Features?

It’s hard to name a Sagittarius woman’s worst features because she can spin them to look great on her. Here is a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of being a female Sagittarius:


  • You can bring laughter to any situation
  • You’re authentic and honest
  • You’re intelligent and curious
  • You cut people plenty of slack and don’t judge
  • You’re a great explorer
  • You’re wise


  • You forget about people when they’re not around
  • You offer your opinion when it’s not wanted
  • You’re a huge flirt, which can get in the way of your relationships
  • You’re restless
  • You can be unreliable
  • You’re not that coordinated

You’re A Lifetime Learner

Although being a scholar sounds serious, it’s part of your nature. You have a strong love of learning. That’s what makes you the explorer that you are.

You’re extremely curious, and if you’re not going on adventures, you’re reading about them. When you’re not learning, you’re teaching. You love to show others how you make your magic.

Your quest for information makes you interesting to be around. You can hold a conversation about any topic, and you have thoughtful ideas. You surprise people with your breadth of knowledge.

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