So your marriage or relationship is in serious trouble, getting worse every day, how do I go about saving my marriage I hear you ask? It may be that you are both surviving an affair, trying to make sense out of the chaos of your lives, and wondering where can I even start getting back together. Well here’s some good news, if you are desperately working on saving your marriage, or trying to stop your divorce before it becomes final, there is still hope for you both, and there have been many people who are where you are now, and who have gone on to not only patch things up, but come out of the situation with a stronger relationship, and a rediscovered closeness and intimacy.

So despite the way you are both feeling at the moment, this situation may actually be a good thing! Sounds unbelievable I know, but its true. This is one of the most important bits of advice on relationships I can offer you. Here is an interesting way of looking at things. Imagine a company that is losing money every day and heading rapidly for bankruptcy. Things actually had to become critical before the owner realised that he had to do something drastic to save his business, but by taking the right action, he rebuilt his business so it was even stronger than before. If it was not for the crisis, the business would not have been rebuilt, and bankruptcy would soon have followed. So this crisis was actually the best thing that could have happened! Can you see a connection here?

Right now I know that the situation you are in feels terrible, but believe it or not it is actually good, because it offers both of you the opportunity to to work together, changing all the things that don’t work in your marriage, getting back together and rebuilding a powerful supportive loving and lasting relationship from the ruins and going on to have a fantastic life together. Wow what an opportunity!

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