There are a lot of ways to detect signs of infidelity in women. While stereotypes would put the blame on men when a relationship fails because of a third party, it is a fact that women, too, can and have cheated on their men more times that the world will admit. But, sometimes it is easier to spot when your woman is being unfaithful to you than when you are cheating on her. Rightly or wrongly, the main reason cited by experts is that it is not a known convention to encounter cheating women. Here are some signs to look out for to know if you are sharing your woman with someone else.

Lack of sex drive and intimidation

While women are less vocal about how much they like getting busy in the sack, they do like a lot of other ways to show intimacy. When she does not want to be intimate with you in ways she used to love, it may be that she started being intimate with someone else and do not want to share the same moments with you anymore.

Increased awareness of her looks

When she starts getting worried about her change in appearance, then you have to stop and check out things. Women, in general, spend a lot of time in spas, salons and even just in the bathroom to get ready for an ordinary day. When she starts spending a lot more time than usual to look pretty, it may be that she is trying to impress someone. Remember when she used to do that for you before a date when you first started going out?

Less time to spend with you and more on "other things"

If she starts to manifest change in affection or mood, then you have to buckle down to work. It could be something related to her work, or a night out with friends, or a special project she is working on – but if your woman starts changing her routine drastically for extra activities she may not use to care for, you may want to look if there is another, more accurate reason why she needs the extra time away from you.

If you notice changes in your girlfriend or wife, talk to her about it before making any decisions that can ruin your relationship for good. If she is having an affair, there may be problems within your relationship that she can not talk with you about that she has started to find love and affection somewhere else. Make sure you have all the facts on hand and do not accuse her of being unfaithful until you know for sure because if you do and she is not cheating you, you may just lose her for good for not trusting her.

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