Dear Dr. Laura,

I started listening to you about a year before I got married. My best friend was reading The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, and I laughed when I saw it on her nightstand. I thought “Why do I need to FEED my husband? This is stupid, and not for me.” But she encouraged me to start listening to you – what a great best friend.

I didn’t REALLY understand what it meant to be a wife, even though I was engaged with a ring and a date. Luckily I had a job where I was in my car a lot, and I caught your show in the nick of time. What I thought it meant to be a wife was SO far from what you preach and nag women to be! I learned that being sweet and adorable is key to being a wife; that nagging is obnoxious and doesn’t work; and that the MOST important part is to always be a girlfriend. The things we do, the hard work we put in to being girlfriends should not stop just because we got married. Always encourage your husband, shower him with affection and intimacy, and he will want to come home to you at the end of the day instead of to a bar with his buddies. I honestly do not know what type of wife I would be if I wouldn’t have found you. I have many friends and family members who treat their husbands terribly, and it pains me to see this.

Thank you for nagging me every day via the podcasts; reminding me to be his girlfriend. I will end this with my favorite quote you stated, that I have written down in my bedroom, “Make the choice to wake up each day looking over at your spouse with a smile on your face. Make their day worthwhile, and make them lucky that they are married to YOU.”


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