A birthday between August 23rd and September 22nd created a hardworking and dedicated Virgo. You are organized, motivated and systematic. Everything in your life is about achieving a goal and showing everyone you can do it.


You are not the most outgoing sign, and you can be a little shy around new people, but when it comes to working you get things done unlike anyone else.


The primary trait that separates you from the other hardworking signs like Leo and Aries is your time management and organizational skills. You are likely to have every day and week planned out, so you know where and when to be somewhere. You do not like time-wasters or people who are unorganized.


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Virgo Woman: Best Traits

You come with a wide range of excellent skills and abilities based on your zodiac sign. Details are most important to you, and not a single stone goes unturned. You will check everything necessary to solve a problem before you quit. Virgo women have an incredible eye for the smallest details.


Education is the foundation of your life, and you believe in furthering your knowledge as far as you can go. You are likely to do very well in school and your career due to your inner wisdom.


Virgo women are down to earth, and they do not quickly get swept off their feet by opportunists. No one will come around and make you think differently about your life based on some new idea they have. You stick to your plan, and it always works out well for you.


You are the most organized of all the signs, and that is a significant key to your success. Working and learning are your favorite activities, so you do not leave much time for relaxation. To perform at your best, you must stay organized. A well-structured Virgo woman is a dominant force in the workplace.


When someone needs something done right, they turn to a Virgo. You are reliable and trustworthy, and that is why people trust you with some complicated tasks. In your workplace, you are most likely the one people run to for help, and you almost always solve the problem.


  • Detail-Oriented
  • Intelligent
  • Down to Earth
  • Organized
  • Reliable
  • Hard working

Virgo Woman: Negative Traits

You pay so much attention to detail that you notice every little imperfection. Your pickiness causes you to be critical of other’s work and even your own. Once you have an idea of how something should be you cannot stop and let it be incomplete, you need to make sure it is perfect even if you have to do it yourself.


Virgo women have a tough personality to please. Most people do not live up to your expectations, so you feel disappointed a lot. Your character leads to you secluding yourself from friends and family because you do not feel a close connection with them. Not everyone shares your intense work ethic and detail-oriented mind, so it’s hard for you to relate.


Some would say you are close-minded. You do not like new ideas that challenge your initial plan. You prefer to figure something out, develop a plan and stick to that until the end. If someone throws a new idea in along the way you become defensive and against change.


Virgo women have a nagging voice in their brain telling them to point out every fault they find. Sometimes you even point out flaws on family and friends. If something is not entirely perfect, you cannot hold back; you need to tell that person to fix it. Your judgment becomes a challenge with friends and relationships.


  • Critical
  • Demanding
  • Close-minded
  • Judgmental

Dating as a Virgo Woman

You are a patient and easy-going lover. Virgo women are not afraid to wait for their man to decide what they want even if it means going against what you want. When you date you are incredibly picky, and it is not easy for men to sweep you off your feet.


It is likely for you to meet your soulmate at a place of mutual interest like a business conference or work event. You do not enjoy the bar scene, and you find those people less intelligent than you.


Although you are selective with who you spend time around, once you find someone you like, you crave their attention. You are a bit high maintenance, and you want to know your man is into you.


Trust is essential for you so if the man breaks that trust you are not afraid to kick them to the curb and move on.

Marriage as a Virgo Woman

You take a systematic approach to everything and marriage is no different. If you chose a man, he is most likely perfect for you because you accept nothing less. Your ideal man is expected to be assertive and confident. The best Virgo mate is a person who has goals of his own and does not get in the way of you achieving yours.


The two of you spend a lot of time at work and focus a large portion of your life around your careers. Having a poor work-life balance means you do not always spend a lot of time together, but that is okay for you.


You believe in quality or quantity and that a relationship is a marathon, not a sprint. As long as your man understands and agrees with this, you are likely to have a long and healthy marriage.

Motherhood as a Virgo Woman

Your organized and sometimes impulsive behavior takes center stage at home. Everything in your house has a place, and if it is not in that place, you get upset. Nothing ever stays messy in your home for long, so your kids and spouse should understand that.


If you have young children, you are likely to have anxiety over the fact that things cannot remain in their place. Your kids make a mess like any other.


As a mother, you need everyone in the house to pitch in so your sanity can stay intact. Having a husband that understands your need to keep clean and organized will help you tremendously. If you feel that work is piling up on you, you are not the kind of person to let it go and take care of it tomorrow. Virgo mothers will stay up all night until the house is clean and orderly.


You hold everyone to a high standard, and this also goes for your children. You expect your kids to perform well in school and sports and you will stop at nothing to see them succeed. As your children grow up, this can sometimes lead to resentment because they feel you pushed them too hard. Sometimes it is better to realize that your children will turn out however they want, no matter what you do.

Virgo Women in the Workplace

You are the hidden gem in every business. Virgo women are the workers that do not bring a lot of baggage to work, but they just put their head down and get it done. You stay organized and efficient at all times, and this is your best trait.


Virgo women have an incredible energy that stays within, so you may not appear to be excited about a specific job because you reserve that energy for the task at hand. You get everything done quickly and correctly. Virgo women are typically the first one into the office and the last one to leave at the end of the day.


Your biggest struggles come when you get micromanaged. You like to do things your way, and it usually follows the rules, but you do not like having people stand over you. When there are too many variables in the workplace, you have a hard time completing the work.


You want there to be a set plan and for everyone to stick to that plan. When management comes in and changes rules or policies, you become frustrated and rebellious.

The Virgo Woman Blueprint

Virgo’s require a blueprint to follow when it comes to working. Once you have that blueprint, you can start the job, and you have no problem completing it. The situation gets ugly when others come in and make edits along the way.


You stand out in the area of self-employment. When there is no one to tell you what to do is when you succeed the most. You run your business methodically, and everyone around you understands what needs to get done. You have clear standards and expectations for everyone, and that is how some of the best businesses scale and grow.


Virgo women are susceptible to burnout especially in their early 40’s. After working hard for many years, you may not be where you imagined you would, and that is especially hard on you. You have devoted so much time to your professional life that your home life has most likely suffered.


You have spent a lot of time away from friends and family over the years to achieve massive goals. Around this age is when you should pull back and rethink your life. You may be willing to sacrifice some professional gains to spend more time at home.

Health for the Virgo Woman

Proper diet and exercise is always something you keep in the back of your mind; that is where it tends to stay. You work long hours, so you tend to settle for things that can get prepared quickly and easily. Your workaholic attitude leads to frozen dinners and fast food drive-throughs.


Some people would say you are a hypochondriac. Virgo’s frequently worry about their bodies and whether or not something is wrong. The slightest pain can trigger anxiety resulting in a hospital visit.


Always remember to have balance in your life. To continue performing at a high level, you need to keep your health in check. Prepare meals on your day off and plan them throughout the week, so you do not have to cook when you are busy. Meal prepping is how some of the most successful people maintain a healthy diet while working long hours.


When the opportunity to take a vacation comes around, take some time off and nurture yourself and your family. Rest and refresh your mind so you can get back at it stronger than before.

Summing It Up

Virgo women are some of the strongest and highest performing business people in the world. When you combine organizational skills with time management, you create the best CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and top-performing managers.


You treat everything in your life with passion, and you are not afraid to stand tall even when things are tough.


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