Hi Dr. L.,

I have a son the same age as yours – my only son, too. I’ve listened to you since he was around 7 years old. Through the years I’ve learned so much from you and saw many things we have in common in the mothering department. So much is just plain, old common sense. What could be more important than your child?!

There was no way someone else was going to “care” for my son except ME, his loving mom. He never set foot in a day care ever. I was definitely in the minority, but wore my mommyhood proud. I started to realize that people thought I thought he was better than anyone else. That wasn’t the case. I just made him most important and a top priority.  They didn’t do that with their child so what else could they satisfy their guilt with then looking down at me?  It didn’t bother me a bit. It just made me more convinced I was doing the right thing.

Your commentary on mama’s boys made me email you. I hear your love, your pride and the respect you have for your son and it warms my heart as I feel it too for my wonderful son. When I was spending my time putting my child before working, we lived on beans at times, but it was so worth it!  I heard people comment that I was raising a mama’s boy, but I knew it wasn’t true. Having a son who loves his mom and likes to spend time with her doesn’t make him a mama’s boy. I raised a man. He couldn’t be further from being a mama’s boy.

He married a woman who I couldn’t have done a better job building myself as a perfect wife for him. I adore and love that girl to pieces. We spend every Monday together exercising.  Last week, I asked her if he told her they were coming for dinner the next evening and she said, “No.” I said to her, “Doesn’t that make you crazy?” She said, “No, he does so many good things I don’t let THAT bother me”. I loved her answer!  What a wonderful choice he made! I remember raising him with the thought of making him a good husband. He is so kind, compassionate, loving and strong. His In-laws couldn’t love him more. That too is a huge blessing. Yes, his mother-in-law gets to spend more time with him via her daughter, but I know I’m his one and only mom, his biggest fan and he loves his mom.

Thank you for letting me boast on my boy – the most important job I’ve ever had. The confidence I instilled in him gives me the same confidence. I absolutely love that son of mine. I AM my kid’s mom. You have been like a friend and a real encouragement thru the years.

Thank you,


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