Love is an emotion too deep to truly capture with the written word. It icons our feelings towards family, friends, lovers, pets. There is old love, new love, puppy love. We trust those who we deem worthy of trusting and when that escalates and mixes with caring or desire or comfort, or all three, we end up with a cocktail of positive feelings.

The World Transformation Movement talks about the human condition as an elusive concept where we agonize over our ability to both love and hate with equal strength. It seems incomprehensible that the type of uncaring beast that starts wars and kills coldheartedly can also be capable of such unconditional everlasting love. The love a mother feels for her child, for instance, is an example of the truest form of love.

True love, unconditional love, is the act of putting another before yourself. Love is sacrifice. Love exists between two people when both know they can not live without the other and the world would be an empty place without them.

From an evolutionary perspective, it is perplexing why unconventional love would come into being. It is basic human nature to self-preserve, so if love is so strong it causes us to sacrifice ourselves for another, that would be a counterintuitive characteristic. Yet, it seems we learn over time that love can be beneficial to the human race at large. Through natural selection we learn that if a mother values ​​her child's life above her own, she will sacrifice herself for her baby. This act of pure love, or selflessness, helps perpetuate the human race by favoring the younger, more vital generation over the older. An act of love is essentially when one part of a whole protects the welfare of the larger whole. Or, specifically, when a mother ensures the welfare of her child as a means of protecting and preserving humanity.

What is love ? Today, romantic love is the focus of endless pop culture discussions. It plays a starring role in all forms of media from essays to music to film. The ultimate indication of love between a couple seems to be an element of comfort; Of fully being yourself. Love claims nothing and simply lets two beings exist in orbit, supporting and valuing each other. Commitment is key for a lasting bond. New love implicates passionate, effortless, mutual admiration. Over time, that love deepens and becomes something softer, quieter, enduring.

As human beings, we are capable of love in various forms. The intricacies of the emotion certainly differ between husband and wife, mother and child, friends, or lovers, but the basic biology of the emotion is the same. People bond on a chemical level. Oxytocin, in conjuction with dopamine and serotonin, plays a part in most loving feelings and keeps us feeling positively towards others for considerable periods of time.

Love makes us whole.

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