Hi Dr. Laura, 

I just want to share with you why your advice works. 

I have been divorced for 9 years. It would have been easy to play victim, but from your show, I realize I picked poorly. I am responsible for the mess I created for my two sons and myself. My boys were in 2nd and 3rd grade when I divorced, and listening to you I knew the statistics were better for my kids if I didn’t date or re-marry. I wanted my boys to know that someone in their lives could make a promise and commitment and follow through with it. I told them with 100% certainty I was only here for them and they could relax. No dating or new families moving in. 

I called you once for advice because my kids were watching their dad playing women. You told me I created this, couldn’t control it, but I could comment on his behavior. I took this advice and told my boys why you shouldn’t act like that or sometimes why what he was doing was just fine. I just told the truth. 

The reason I am writing is that my boys are now 11th grade and 12th grade.  My eldest wrote this in a card to me:

“Thank you for always being there. If there’s one person in this world that I can count on being there, it has to be you. Without the guidance and moral foundation that you have provided for my brother and me, I feel as if I might have drifted away. I appreciate you providing us insight as to how to deal with dad. Without it, my seemingly sound decisions that I would’ve made, that wouldn’t have been good for anybody, will never happen. Thanks for being a great mom and a great individual. I mean it.”

My kid just said he would have drifted away. Thank you Dr. Laura. I hear the listeners’ voices when you tell them no dating when there are minor children. The years go by fast and you just might save your kids by doing this. I have one more year and both will be in college and I too will be able to start a new adventure. My boys are excited for me as I am for them. They also know I am always available for a truthful opinion or just to listen. 

Thank you, 



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