There’s a reason for everything and figuring out why you are having trouble landing a girlfriend isn’t always easy.

Besides, if you knew why, you wouldn’t have an issue right?

We are going to uncover oodles of different common and not-so-common reasons why you might be having trouble in the girl department, so you can take action to make positive changes.

After you understand why you are having issues, then you can make a plan to break through your obstacles and find a solution.

21 Reasons You Can’t Get A Girlfriend

One – You Aren’t Trying Enough Times

If you are serious about getting a girl, you’ve got to step up to the plate and hit it like you mean it. Use as many approaches as you can until you land the girl.

Studies say the majority of guys that can’t get a girlfriend just don’t try enough times. In other words, they give up prematurely.

Guys don’t like rejection and if they ask a girl out and she says no, it often takes months before he’ll try again!


Don’t let the sheer fear of rejection stop you from getting a nice girlfriend.

Rinse and repeat. Ask a girl out and get her phone number. Keep doing it until you get a yes. And try not to be too picky because if one girl isn’t going to work for you, then you owe it to yourself to try another.

Two – You’re Too Picky

Chances are you’ve been looking at too many Victoria Secret magazines and they have painted an unrealistic vision of the perfect girl for you in your brain. Having too many set features or characteristics is going to set you up to fail.

Time for you to open your mind and get real. Step outside your comfort zone and take a second glance at a girl that doesn’t fit your perfect picture.

You never know until you try.

Three – Quitters Never Win

If you’re the type of man that quits too quickly, there’s no wonder you don’t have a girlfriend. Resilience is golden in the dating and relationship department.

Ask a girl out and if she’s busy, that’s fine. You can still ask her out again another time. Have a little patience and persistence; and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to actually get a girlfriend.

Think of it from the girls perspective for a minute. Maybe she needs a little time to warm up to you? Give it a chance by asking her again in a week or so and you just might be pleasantly surprised.

Four – You Live In Your Parent’s Basement

Sorry boys, if you still live with your parents, that shouts out to the world, you are a loser. Girls don’t want to go out with a boy that lives with mommy and daddy.

If you are working and can afford to live on your own, you better do it quick if you ever want to have a meaningful relationship. Scratch that, if you ever want to have any relationship at all.

When you live on your own, it’s one of the best routes to secure a girlfriend.

Five – You’re Just A Nice Guy

This isn’t a good thing because “nice” guys usually do finish last. If you’re too nice, the girls aren’t going to give you a second glance.

Stop being too nice and you’ve got a chance.

Six – Hygiene Issues

If you have any kind of hygiene issues, you will never get a girlfriend. Bad breath, dirty clothes, and greasy hair are bad news.

Some girls don’t want a man to be her boyfriend for very specific almost anal reasons, and not taking care of yourself definitely fits the bill.

Seven – You Let Your Insecurities Get In The Way

Everyone has things they don’t like about themselves and some things just need to be accepted or changed. Maybe you’ve lost your hair so you’re going to have to just get over that one. But if you are overweight, you can make changes to lose weight and get happy.

Regardless, you are who you are in the now and if you don’t love yourself, you might never get a girlfriend.

Everyone has flaws and that’s no reason not to have a girlfriend, unless of course you let it get in the way.

Look around you. Happy couples come in all different shapes and sizes. Stop letting your insecurities be your excuse.

Eight – Trying Too Hard To Be Perfect

The girls actually like the men who aren’t perfect. You see, when a man seems too perfect, this puts pressure on the girl to try and be perfect too. Then she’s going to get worried she isn’t good enough and that’s enough to make a girl run far and fast the other way.

Think about this one for a minute.

Nine – Expecting The Woman To Make The First Move

Of course, there are times when a girl initiates the first move but that’s far and few in between.

The Truth is…the majority of women prefer a man to make the first move and if he hasn’t got the balls to do that, she will just move on.

That’s not a challenge, just the truth!

Ten – You’re The Man That’s Always Lost In The Crowd

If you happen to be the guy that hangs out with popular and super sexy strong men, you will be last in the pecking order. So if the men around you are stronger than you, they are shining brighter and your sweet personality will never been seen much less valued.

Don’t put yourself out at the expense of your friends. You will never ever in a zillion years get a girlfriend, if all the talk is about the friends you hang out with.

Something else to think about.

Eleven – You Happen To Shy Away From All Things Social

If you are a social introvert naturally, you’re making it super tough on yourself to get a girlfriend.

Newsflash! If you are serious about getting a girlfriend, you need to step out into the light and go to the social places where girls hangout.

No if’s, and’s, or but’s about this one.

Twelve – You Get Stuck On Your Past Screw-Ups!

If you get all crazy about your past mistakes with women, it will interfere with getting a girlfriend in the now.

Yes, it’s natural to think about how you screwed up but if you really want a girl on your arm, you’ve just got to let it go.

Use your past to learn and grow from, not to dwell on with an interference factor.

You are human and you will make mistakes. Let it go and focus on the positive and you will get your girl.

Thirteen – You Happen To Be Mr. Complainer

If you are a perpetual complainer that yaps on and on about how crappy your life is and how you will never get a girl ever, then you don’t deserve a girlfriend.

Seriously dude! Stop complaining and start talking positive. Your attitude and demeanor will change and trust me, the girls will come.

This one is your choice.

Fourteen – You Just Don’t Have The Logical Discipline To Ask Women Out Regularly

This is a learning process and you need to sometimes just throw your hat to the wind and go for it.

If you aren’t willing to regularly ask women out, then you are choosing all by yourself to not have a girlfriend. Pretty sad if you ask me.

Fifteen – You Are Too Focused On Work For Anything Else

This one is a no-brainer. If you are working crazy hours and not willing to make time for dating and a girl, you will never have one.

Sadly, there are some men that choose their career over having a girlfriend and in the end, they are left with nothing.

Sixteen – You’re Too Chicken To Tell It Like It Is

I’m calling you boys out here. If you can’t make yourself a tad vulnerable and let a girl know that you are interested in being more than just friends, you risk the chance of only being friends and nothing more.

What you need to do is step up to the plate and tell this girl you want to kiss her and that you want her to be your girl. When you do this, she’ll either be head over heels receptive or she won’t.

Don’t you think it’s worth it just to find out?

Seventeen – You Are Seriously Out Of Shape

This doesn’t mean you need to be ripped and have a six-pack! What this means is that you shouldn’t be sporting a beer belly and you should make an effort to have some muscle and a little sexy lean tissue mass.

That is super hot!

You don’t have to be perfect but you need to try.

Truth – When you are in shape, you are showing her you care about your body and that works wonders when you are focused on getting a girl.

Slobs be gone!

Eighteen  – You Are Just Thought Of As Icky

Sorry to say, women do care about looks and that’s something you need to stick into your pipe and smoke it.

Yes, a guy cares way more about how his girl looks, but…Girls care too!

A girl does care about how you look and if you are ugly and a slob, she’s just not going to be your girlfriend no matter how sweet you are. Please understand this before you take one more step forward.

FACT – Guys have it SO much easier than girls. All you need is a clean look and some stubble and you can drive a girl crazy.

Stop your complaining and take action. You will win if you do.

Nineteen – No Money Or Potential

There is no doubt that money draws the sweet girls in. I really don’t care what you think, because money is what many girls want.

If you are financially secure, you will get a girlfriend. That might not be fair but that is reality…Trust me.

Women want to be able to go out to a movie or a nice meal without worry. And for bonus if you can take them on a mini vacation without the worry of money, you are golden.

That’s the truth straight up.

Twenty – The Same Stuff On Repeat WILL Kill You

If you are a programmed creature of habit that never changes his ways, you just aren’t going to have a girlfriend.

Girls are drawn to the strong men that are going to take them on new adventures. The men that will step outside their comfort zone to wow her. End of story.

If you want to find your value and perhaps find a girlfriend for real, you need to drop your walls and open them up to opportunity. Then you need to show her and make it happen.

Twenty One – You Are Too Needy

Girls have no trouble sniffing out the man that is needy and dependent. Secret – That’s a total turn-off.

Women are drawn naturally to men that are confident and sure in themselves. The ones that will make bold decisions and put the girl first.

For sure, girls do not want an insecure man that doesn’t know how to take control and make decisions. There are a zillion fish in the sea…that’s fact.

Step up to the plate if you really want.

Final Words

If you are trying to figure out why you can’t get a girlfriend, you need to seriously stop and consider the facts.

Look through these tips and pointers and see what applies to you.

Take action to change the attributes you need to in order to find the girl of your dreams. Open your mind and understand there will be a bit of a trial and error process. However, when all is said and done, you will overcome your personal obstacles and get the woman you deserve.

Believe it and it will happen!

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