Dr. Laura,

I wanted to share with you a post I wrote recently – a letter to my husband as if from our five, amazing children. I had recently commented to him that our young children don’t know how good they have it to which my husband replied, “They shouldn’t have to know any better at this age. They will figure it out when they are older.” and he’s right.

(You can see the photos I included in the post here)

Dear Dad,

I know sometimes you think I don’t notice all you do for us, but I do. I just might not realize how special these things are until I’m older. I still think all kids have it as good as I do.

But I notice:

When you put yourself in harm’s way to protect us.

When you lift us instead of weights.

When you spend your afternoon off driving us in the go cart.

How you let us “help” you so that home projects take you so much longer.

How you work so hard and then hang out with us in the living room and let us sit in your lap until we both crash.

When you put us first…even in the little things.

The way you patiently teach us new skills.

When you aren’t too proud to get on the floor and play with us.

How you love our Mommy and help her be home to take care of us.

The fun we have as a family.

How much you love the Lord and try to live right.

In short, you are the best Dad we could ask for. Even if we don’t quite realize it yet.

Thank you, Dr. Laura, for all you do encouraging men to be men, and mothers to be mothers.


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