I don’t think the poll on your site: “At what age would you let your teen start to date?” has enough categories. You only list ages, but there should be a selection like: “Whenever his mom and dad think he AND his date are mature enough to behave themselves appropriately.” It depends on the kid and their date, as well as their planned activities. Planning is critical. They need to have a specific plan of what they will do, when, and when they will return home.

As a young guy, I (ahem…) did not start dating until I was 23 and out of college. 23! Not because I never had any opportunities. It was my choice. I never wanted the hassle of it all. I had better things to do. Even at 23, I was immature and let the girl get much too familiar with me much too quickly – because I liked it… And she had an agenda. I should have known better. But she was a good church girl (my own denomination) and her mom was a church organist. What’s to worry about then, right?! Fortunately I knew where to draw the line for potential pregnancies, but it took me far too long to extract myself from that relationship. Then I swore I wouldn’t date for any reason until I met the girl that I would be want as a wife. Well, that took me until I was 35! Lots of time wasted now that I look back on it. But I imagine it was all in God’s plan for me.


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