Dear Dr. Laura:

I met my best friend 20 years ago.  What started as a greeting in passing became conversations over a meal, to philosophical discussions into the night to exchanges of hopes and dreams into the wee hours of the morning.  Then he asked me to meet up for a summer ride in the new Jeep Wrangler he’d saved up to buy.  That drive became our first date that evolved into an 18-year marriage.

My gear-head of a husband would later trade his Wrangler for more practical cars as we grew to be a family of six.  As the kids got older, he wanted to use his bonus money from his job to buy me a new kitchen.  But I suggested that money was better spent upgrading his ride.  I asked him not to buy a “Dad” car, but to get something fun, with a pin stripe or sun roof or a powerful engine – something sexy!  Then our 7-year-old pointed to a Mustang and said “get that!”  Last week, my husband asked me if it were crazy for him to fly out to see an electric blue Mustang convertible.  I nearly booked the ticket for him myself.  As I dropped him off at the airport for his grand adventure, I was giddy knowing how good it was for his soul and our relationship that he indulges in his love of cars.

This same man sends me devil emojis and brings flowers to me and my daughters every Valentine’s Day.  He brings back my favorite chocolates when he returns from a business trip.  He wakes me in the morning just to kiss me goodbye.  He tells me I’m beautiful on my grubbiest days, because that’s what his heart sees.  My children have the added bonus of witnessing love in practice, knowing that this family is being built on a solid foundation:  our marriage.  For that alone, he deserves at the least a fun car ride to and from that job that provides me with my blessed life, and I can wait for that new kitchen.



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