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    Hello Dr. Laura,
    I spoke with you recently regarding my emotional infidelity and my husband expressing that he wants a divorce. You told me to finish reading The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, let hi […]

    Dr. Laura,
    I was listening to your open remarks on a recent podcast when you were talking about folding clothes and how your way may not be the right way.  That story reminded me of some of the best ma […]

    You had a call from a 55-year-old fiscally-responsible man who was ‘in love’ with a woman who was not fiscally responsible. I wish I could talk to him — or rather, warn him from first-hand experience.I w […]

    When my husband and I first got married we had some intimacy difficulties. These problems were biological at first but eventually it was just in our heads. One night, as I pestered my grumpy husband a […]

    Dear Dr. Laura, I am commenting to your subject of self-harm. I have engaged in self harm in the past. It is an issue I still struggle with. I have not cut since February 1, 2013. For me, it is a quick wa […]

    I harmed myself for years when I was younger and it took me many years to figure out why. I know that hitting and scratching myself was a relief valve – that pain was tangible, tolerable and within my c […]

    Dr. Laura, A friend of mine just posted this on Facebook and it immediately made me think of you and how this is the very message you would teach if you were the mother of all the daughters in the w […]

    Dear Dr. Laura:
    Nineteen years ago I had the privilege of interviewing you while I was a TV news reporter in Bakersfield. I was pregnant with my second child, very sick, and woefully unprepared. Shortly af […]

    When my niece’s boyfriend, (19 years old), died of an undiagnosed heart condition, my 7-year-old son was devastated. He and Matt were great buddies, and he already considered Matt his “new cousin.” He r […]

    Dear Dr. Laura,I was raised to be my brother’s keeper so to speak, and because of my experience of being a paramedic I often stop at accidents to provide first-aid and comfort.The most difficult i […]

  • Men tend to be more attracted to women who they perceive to communicate their needs clearly and concisely. Men are very direct in the way they communicate. Have you ever heard the phrase, “It’s not what you […]

  • Recently I was made aware of how very important it is to be my husband’s girlfriend. My husband works in an office with mostly female employees. One woman in particular began flirting with my husband and paid […]

  • Hello Dr. Laura, I want to share something I think about almost everyday and it came from your program. I remember a letter you read and sobbed about on air probably about five years ago. The letter was from […]

  • Hello Dr. Laura, I have been listening to your show for almost twenty years now. In my teens, I listened to your advice with the hard exterior that foolish youth can provide. I had a baby when I was twenty […]

  • I think second marriages fail because of “the grass is greener on the other side of the fence” syndrome. I’m in my second marriage, and I’m proud to say my husband and I just celebrated our 21st anniversary! […]

  • Dear Dr. Laura, I listened with interest to the caller who asked whether she should put her husband’s needs before those of her children or even her own. She seemed a little surprised that you responded, “Y […]

  • Hi Dr Laura,
    I am a busy mum of 18-month-old twins who are currently napping! It’s been a long and tiring 18 months. My husband and I have both been doing our best to take care of business, but after having a […]

  • Hello Dr. Laura,
    I have to thank you for guiding me into being a stay-at-home mom 16 years ago. At that time, my neighbor asked me if I knew a “Dr. Laura”. Well, I worked all the time, so no, I did not. And […]

  • I married my wife after only a year of dating.  Over the six years of our marriage, I realized she was very self-centered, and I felt very alone.  I thought I’d be miserable until our son was up and out of t […]

  • I’ve been a fan for 15 years or so, and I always miss the corny joke contest. This one is long, but well worth it. There once was a world-famous circus trapeze acrobat who sought to perfect the quadruple […]

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