I just received a phone call from my husband. He is away with a bagpipe and drum group of firefighters who are honoring fallen firefighters at our state memorial commemoration. After the memorial service, it is customary for pipe and drum groups to go to pubs as an “invasion” and play for fun and camaraderie. These events are quite popular with the pub crowds and it is lots of fun for the band.

After my husband’s group played, he sat down to eat and was approached by a number of different women who made it exceptionally clear that they were very willing to provide their “attention” for the night. According to my husband these were beautiful young girls and women, business professionals, policewomen, etc. My husband was polite and said “I’m married” as he pointed to his wedding ring to show he was not available, and each of these women (a.k.a. sluts) said “I don’t care” or “It doesn’t matter.” They even tried to reach under his kilt! My husband ended up leaving early because he was so uncomfortable. He called me as he walked back to the hotel and told me how much he loved me and was so grateful that we had the kind of marriage that gave him the clarity to walk away from temptation. How special is that!

Several of his band mates did not honor their marriage vows that night, and even bragged about their experiences the next morning. When my husband pointed to their wedding rings and asked “What about that?”, these “husbands” retorted “Don’t judge me.” I am so glad I didn’t choose that type of “man” to be married to!

While leaving the hotel the next morning, my husband saw one of the women who approached him the night before, and she made it clear how angry she was that he didn’t take her up on her “offer.” I find it incredibly disgusting…and so very sad…that women no longer appreciate a honorable man anymore.

My husband and I have been married for nearly 30 years. We have two great children and a good life. It hasn’t always been easy and we are not perfect, but we consider each other as our “best friend” and know we can trust each other to honor our vows. I am not an ugly woman, but I am not a young, thin, perfectly coiffed, unwrinkled young lady any more. I am so glad my husband appreciates me as I am, as I dearly appreciate him for being a “REAL MAN.” I pity those other wives who did not choose and marry good men. I am so proud of my husband.

Thank you for helping me appreciate my husband, and for helping us keep our marriage strong.


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