Dr. Laura,

As a small business owner, I depend on my manager! So when my right hand gal came into work and told me she was expecting, I was sad. Not for me, but the child who would now be put into day care. When my manager came back to work after giving birth she only worked 20 hours a week not 40.  My life was easier; however, I could not get out of my mind what she and that baby boy were missing! Every day my manager worked, I made sure I had you playing LOUD on my laptop when she did her pumping in my office. It did not take long for my manager to make changes in her family’s life to be able to stay at home! When she gave me her notice she thanked me for always having you playing when she used my office. It gave her a smack in the butt that she needed to make changes in their spending and focus on what was important: staying home with her son!

I miss my manager every day as my job has gotten harder; however, I would not change her decision for anything! I often text my old manager to see how she and her family are doing and she thanks me every time for helping her make the right decision to be a stay-at-home mom….I also make sure I thank her for being her kid mom!

We are doing it Dr. Laura!!!! Keep up the good work and so will I.


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