Tommy Baker, high performance coach, podcast host, and bestselling author of The 1% Rule, joins our show in this special episode of the Elite Man Podcast! In today’s episode Tommy talks about the 1% rule; what it is, how to use it, and how it can change your life if utilized correctly. He dives into the simple but profound concept of moving the needle every single day and how to go about staying focused and on track in such a noisy and stress-infused world. Tommy also dives into real-world examples of the 1% rule in action and even reveals how it literally saved his own life and allowed him to overcome a crippling illness. If you’re wondering how to enact massive change, skyrocket your productivity, and achieve things you never thought possible, check this episode out now!

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In our episode we go over:

  • How Tommy became a top performance coach for athletes and entrepreneurs
  • The importance of continually learning and picking things up from people who are in the places you want to be
  • Making pivots in life and changing your focus and priorities into doing things you actually love as opposed to things you think you’re going to love
  • The fallacy of the personal development industry
  • Breaking down your clarity for each day and each year
  • The power of diving into something and not getting lost in planning out every single detail and every single idea you have
  • The benefit of mapping things out and tangibly seeing everything in front of you
  • Reflecting on all the good you have in your life and why doing this regularly can change your life
  • How Tommy came up with the concept of The 1% Rule and why he wrote his bestselling book on it
  • Embracing the day-to-day grind of putting in the work to get the results you want in life
  • Aligning your expectations and your level of commitment in order to achieve your goals
  • Whether or not you should sacrifice your time and even happiness to reach your goals faster or whether you should build yourself up to a point where you can reasonably work at and achieve your goals
  • The radical transformation that you can make in any aspect of life in just one year
  • How to stay committed to your goals even if they are long-term and years away
  • Why you must surround yourself with people who support and align with your vision and goals
  • The fact that you have the power to control your destiny
  • Epigenetics and the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton
  • Tommy’s personal health scare last year and how he was able to get over it using the 1% rule
  • How his perspective on life changed after his health issues
  • The gratitude that Tommy built up while recovering
  • Why he’s more happy now than he’s ever been
  • Why you should not keep your dreams a secret and what telling someone else can do for you

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